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Can you imagine going to school and having no lights in your classroom and nowhere to wash your hands? 

My grandma and I are raising money for two schools in Pu-Nhi, Vietnam. They have no electricity and no clean water. They kids have to drink from dirty streams and many go barefoot, even in winter.

These kids are just like me, my sister and and my friends. They need water to drink and shoes to wear. That's why Grandma and I want to raise $1,000 to build a water tank and filtration system for 60 students and four teachers at the kindergarten. Since the tank will last more than 20 years, the water will help hundreds of future students too! We also need your help to raise another $1,000 to provide winter clothes, boots and scarves for 30 kids at Pu-Nhi's preschool. 

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Vietnamese kindergarten children

My grandma has been fundraising to help people in Vietnam, Zambia and other disadvantaged regions for many years. She has raised money to build a bakery in Zambia, install a well in Nam Ha and provide medical supplies for a Vietnamese clinic. She has inspired me to help others who don't have enough water to drink or food to eat.

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My grandma has seen how it changes people's lives and I can't wait to start helping people, just like she does. 


Bakery, well, medical supplies

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AFAP Action on Poverty is an Australian charity that helps poor and vulnerable communities in Africa, Asia and the Pacific to lift themselves out of poverty. This project will be implemented by the AFAP Vietnam office. Find out more about AFAP Action on Poverty

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