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The Matesabroad Foundation
 is an Australian charity established in 2004 to relieve suffering in developing countries caused by poverty, illness or lack of education. 

Since its inception, Matesabroad has focused its support on an education program to improve the prospects of the poor children of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. 

It currently supports 5 slum schools in the poor communities of Phnom Penh. The program targets the poorest children; those unable to afford to attend Government schools. Through this program matesabroad hopes to break the poverty cycle in which these children are trapped.

For more information about MatesAbroad or how to fundraise for us, please email John McKeon at:

MatesAbroad is an Action on Poverty Partner of AFAP Action on Poverty, which enables us to offer tax deductibility to our donors. AFAP and MatesAbroad work in collaboration with local communities to deliver development initiatives overseas. AFAP is committed to supporting effective development programs overseas and closely monitors all the work MatesAbroad undertakes. Thanks to AFAP's DGR endorsed status by the Australian Tax Office, any donations to MatesAbroad made through AFAP are tax deductible. AFAP allows donated property to be used only for benevolent activities. Whilst AFAP will endeavour to comply with the wishes of the donor, AFAP retains a discretion at all times whether or not to distribute donated property in accordance with the preference expressed by the donor. For more information contact


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