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Donate today to help our neighbour, East Timor, recover after the trauma of war.

The East Timorese people endured 24 years of violence, rape, murder, famine and torture as they fought for their independence.

After they achieved this in 1999, the immediate signs of the devastation were plain to see - burned-out towns and villages, which had been the site of massacres, whole regions almost empty of people who had fled or were forced to leave their homes. Rebuilding homes is easy - rebuilding lives is not.

Your generous gift of $50 today, will help heal the people of East Timor by providing essential psychosocial training for PRADET staff - offering life-saving counselling services to those suffering from trauma and depression.

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Partnership with Action on Poverty
PRADET is an official Action on Poverty (AOP) partner and as PRADET does not have Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status in its own right, relies on AOP's DGR endorsed status by the ATO, therefore any donations to support the activities of PRADET must be made through AOP in order to be tax deductible. While AOP will endeavour to comply with the wishes of the donor, AOP retains discretion at all times whether or not to distribute donated property in accordance with the preference expressed by the donor. AOP allows donations to be used only for benevolent activities.


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