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Christmas for the Critters 2018

Welcome to Christmas for the Critters, in support of Craig Street Cats' work with Winnipeg's community cats!  This is our online Christmas Party and YOU are Santa!

Christmas for the Critters is an important part of our fundraising schedule, providing funds necessary to keep our life saving programs running through Winnipeg's harsh winters.  Your enthusiastic participation makes everything possible.  Bottle babies can be rescued, cold cats can come in, shelters can help others stay warm -- all because you play Santa.  We ask you to play Santa by collecting pledges so that we can provide care for hundreds of cats and kittens throughout the winter.  You save lives when you collect pledges.  It's that simple!

Craig Street Cats is the largest cat specific animal welfare organization in Winnipeg, caring for over 750 cats in our adoption centre, foster homes and managed colonies.  We are the only organization actively working to humanely reduce the number of cats living on Winnipeg's streets and provide humane care for cats that must live out their lives in our harsh environment.

Please note that Craig Street Cats is a non-profit organization, but not a charity.  Your donations are not tax deductible.

  • Goal$30,000.00
  • Raised
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