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Type Name Display Name City State Member Of
Individual Joe Monaco Joe Winnipeg MB
Individual Brent Fraser Brent Fraser Winnipeg MB Mochimo
Individual Vicky Mittermayr Vicky Mittermayr Winnipeg MB Crazy Cat Ladies
Individual Eric J Groot Eric J Groot East St. Paul MB
Individual Heather K Cole Heather Kat Winnipeg MB
Individual Garry Kirk Garry Kirk Winnipeg MB
Individual Julie Van Zyl Julie Van Zyl Winnipeg MB Crazy Cat Ladies
Individual Tobias Tuxington Tobias Tuxington Winnipeg MB
Individual Ardith Cook Ardith Cook Oakbank MB Cattitude
Individual Lindsay Bruce Lindsay Winnipeg MB The Tacocats
Individual Darlene Hayward, 2999993 Daisy Winnipeg MB Team Pogo
Individual Lisa Dawson Lisa Dawson Winnipeg MB
Individual Tiffany H Rother Tiffany H Rother Winnipeg MB
Individual Ashley Rother Ashley Rother Winnipeg MB
Individual Colleen Wizny Colleen Wozny Winnipeg MB
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