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Bob Raidt

Welcome to my fundraising page! Click the donate link to sponsor my efforts in meeting my fundraising goa.

Over the past 13 years we have, together, raised over $2.5 million for the fight aainst breast cancer.  It has literally happened one dollar at a time. 

As always, you can rest assured that there is no more efficient way to get your donation into the programs that are on the front lines of the battle.  We (still) have no paid staff and this is a labor of love which means the donations have even more impact.

Thank you so much for your support of breast cancer preventative research and access to care.  We are saving lives.  Every single dollar helps.

  • Goal $20,000.00
  • Raised $19,195.00
Top Donations
  • Edward Phillipp - $3,000.00
  • Greg Schwem - $1,950.00
  • Leo Burnett Group - $1,950.00
  • Beth A Reilly - $975.00
  • Michael DeHaan - $780.00
Donor Date Amount Message
Ximena Leonardi 3/18/2019 $25.00 Congrats on a great event for a great cause! Would love to see footage!
Fans of Bob Raidt and his gold jacket! 3/10/2019 $300.00
Betsy Faxon 3/9/2019 $250.00
Sally Wussler Harrington 3/9/2019 $100.00
Carla Michelotti 3/8/2019 $100.00
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