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3 Ways 3 Days Challenge 2018

Energy for All is a Calgary based non-profit organization dedicated to alleviating poverty by increasing people’s access to clean water, renewable energy, and improved sanitation systems.  They are able to do this through local education programs in Calgary and area schools and international development projects around the world including, Tanzania and Nicaragua. To gain a new perspective and understanding of the lives Energy for All reaches, and a new appreciation for how lucky we are to have resources at hand, we created a challenge.


3 Ways 3 Days Challenge

The goal of this challenge is for 3 ways in 3 days to learn to appreciate:

Water: With access only to contaminated water, or to no water at all, people walk or bike several kilometres to a well and then carry water jugs of 40 lbs. home, sometimes more than once a day. We will carry 40 lbs. for 4 kilometres for 3 days.  For students, an alternative is they can carry a tupperware of water around 1 city block every day for 3 days.

Food: Westerners are privileged with culinary luxuries. We will break the Western routine and prepare 3 meals of only rice and beans for 3 days.

Energy: In remote villages where there is no electricity and the sun is down, simple household tasks become more difficult. Using only candlelight and flashlight while at home, we will see the challenges of living without lighting for 3 days.



Each participant chooses at least one of these challenges, but can do two or even three! The challenge runs year round.



Participants are encouraged to invite their family and friends to support them in the 3 Ways 3 Days Challenge by making a donation to Energy For All through your fundraising page. All funds raised will support clean water, renewable energy, and educational programs here in Canada and abroad, see for more details.

Note: Energy For All is a registered non-profit organization in Alberta but is unable to provide receipts for tax purposes.  We have applied for charitable status with the Canada Revenue Agency and are waiting for their response.





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