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Team Mason's FAST Track

Welcome to my Cure Angelman NOW team fundraising page!

Angelman Syndrome (AS) is a rare disorder affecting approximately 1 in 15,000 live births and is characterized by severe developmental delays, problems with motor coordination and balance (ataxia), loss of speech and epilepsy. Because of recent advancements in the understanding of AS, a cure for this disorder is not only possible, but probable. AS has been cured in the lab using several different approaches. We know what causes AS. We know that despite its often devastating effects, it is a simple disorder involving only one gene. We also know that curing AS will have a profound impact on other related disorders, such as Autism and Alzheimer Disease.

FAST is the largest non-governmental funder of Angelman Syndrome research and the only organization in the world that has a detailed plan and clear path towards a cure. FAST is setting a $2 million community goal for this year. If we can meet this $2 million goal, we have an excellent chance of getting those funds matched.

FAST is committed to bringing life-changing treatments to clinical trial within two years, but we need your help. We are asking everyone to join us in the Cure Angelman Now initiative because together, we CAN do this. Our time is now and every single dollar counts in getting us closer to our goal.


SPONSOR our team fundraising efforts, or click Join Our Team to help us in raising money for Cure Angelman NOW!

  • Goal $75,000.00
  • Raised $27,421.00
Top Donations
  • Kohan Law Group, PC - $2,000.00
  • Duffy & Duffy - $1,000.00
  • Poonam Sachdev - $660.00
  • Charles Finelli - $500.00
  • RAJ & VIJAY DANDONA - $500.00
Donor Date Amount Message
evelyn aidala 2/14/2019 ($30.00)
evelyn aidala 2/14/2019 $30.00
evelyn aidala 1/14/2019 ($30.00)
evelyn aidala 1/14/2019 $30.00
evelyn aidala 12/14/2018 ($30.00)
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