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Olympia's Hope

    Sophia and Olympia 

My name is Sophia, and I am eight years old. My sister's name is Olympia, and she is eleven years old. Olympia has a disorder called Angelman syndrome. One of her genes is not working and is sending the wrong instructions to her brain. This problem makes it hard for Olympia to do some things that are easy for most kids like sleeping, drawing, writing, reading, tying her shoes, and especially talking. This makes me sad because I really want my sister to be able to talk to me and our family. I help my sister communicate, tie her shoes, write her name, pick out her pajamas at night, and wash her hands. I love to help my sister, but I really wish Olympia could do these things by herself. The exciting news is that scientists are close to finding a cure.

Olympia is like a compass. If something is lost, she always seems to find what's missing. In Olympia's life -- and the lives of all the kids with Angelman syndrome -- what's missing is money to help the scientists find a cure. The scientists have cured Angelman syndrome six different ways in mice. The scientists are getting ready to test treatments for people. I am trying to raise money to help them. Last summer I did a lemonade stand, and I donated all the money I saved selling lemonade to the Olympia's Hope fund. I'm so excited because my family says they will match the money I raise.

My sister and all the people with AS not only need my help, but your help too. Thank you for reading my letter and for considering a donation so we can cure Angelman syndrome.


P.S. To make a contribution, just click on the blue "Make a Donation" button and select "Donate Toward a Team or Individual's Goal." Search for Olympia's Hope.

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