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Type Name Display Name City State Member Of
Individual Kelley Tiralongo Kelley Tiralongo
Individual David Adams David Adams Toronto ON Enbridge Gas Inc
Individual Samantha Maxwell Samantha Maxwell Driven Battle Unicorns
Individual Matthew Bessey Matthew Bessey Stouffville ON Den Bosch + Finchley
Individual Russell Buttineaau Russell Buttineaau Penetanguishene
Individual John Philp John Philp Oakville ON
Individual Mike Dupuis Mike Dupuis Tiny ON Nobody Does It Alone
Individual John Dunnings John Dunnings Midland ON Raytheon Elcan Optical Technologies
Individual Scott Moore Big Ringer Etobicoke ON Enbridge Gas Inc
Individual Allyson Amster Allyson Amster Toronto ON Team Sandy Bay Rollers
Individual Stephen St Amant Stephen St. Amant
Individual Riina M Makk Riina M Makk Victoria Harbour ON Georgian Bay Women's Cycling Club
Individual Janice M McTavish Janice M McTavish Midland ON
Individual Loris Mogentale Loris Mogentale Mississuaga ON
Individual Jeanne and John McIsaac The Drifter Penetanguishene ON Team Stacker
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