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Our business makes a big difference to the comfort of people's homes.  We are all about creating a caring world where people live happily and in harmony.  

In March 2017 we rode 500km in five days in 50+ degree heat and raised $13,740!  The 66 riders in that group raised $420,000 from that one ride alone.  The group has raised over $1,000,000 in 4 years.   We had not been involved in an experience like this before.  It completely shifted our view of what can be achieved when enough people care. 

In April 2018 we are stepping up AGAIN and extending our reach to support these very special kids in Thailand.

We pay our own airfares, accommodation and expenses for the ride.  All of the funds we raise go to providing shelter, food and education for the kids.  None of it goes to administration because Hands Across the Water raise that money in other ways.

We're pleased to say that 100% of your donation goes towards the kids.

Training for the ride is starting again - just in time for a Melbourne winter!   Maurice was, of course, the "ever ready bunny" of the 2017 team - his stamina is just incredible. After the thrills and spectacular spills from last year, Lyn is looking forward to a more "steady" ride.  Let's just say, the bike repair course has come in very handy!

So, we would love you to help the cause this year - a little cash from a number of people goes a LONG way in Thailand.

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