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Welcome to our Hike for Hospice fundraising page! Click the donate link to sponsor our team in meeting our fundraising goal, or click Join My Team to join us in raising money for Hospice House & Support Care of Williamsburg!

Saturday, April 20, I along with other members of my family and friends will be doing the Hike for Hospice in honor and memory of my Father, Howard Bernfeld!

My dad was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer February 24, 2012. Had surgery the following month which was a success, they got the cancer from his pancreas! Did the first round of chemo and radiation, responded well from that! The second round was a bit more intense, it made him tired but each round of chemo he did, he then needed a blood transfusion. They gave him 3 weeks off, in that time, the cancer hit his liver the end of June, just 3 spots that couldn't be removed. In 6 weeks it covered 85% of his liver, since it was inoperable and chemo made it worse than better, we knew what was coming. We found the Williamsburg Hospice House the day we found out there wasn't much more we could do but make him comfortable. Week 7 we brought him there. He was at his most comfortable and peaceful time during the last 3 months of pain and discomfort. He was there for a day and a half before passing on August 2, 2012.

I am and will forever be grateful for that day and a half, the nurses and staff made him the happiest he had been in months. I will never forget my Father and most definitely the people who helped him!!

The hike is a 2 mile walk to raise money for the Hospice House so they can provide the care to other patients with terminal illnesses. Any pledges would be greatly appreciated, no amount is too big or small. All the pledges collected strictly go to the Hospice House in Williamsburg, VA!!   My family and I will forever be grateful and I can say my Father would be proud! We have named our group "Team Howie B"!! There isn't one winner, we are all winners in this “Hike", we are just pleased to know his memory will live on!

  • Goal $500.00
  • Raised $600.00
Top Donations
  • Gil & Patsy Rossiter - $50.00
  • J. David Osborn - $50.00
  • Michelle M Podolak - $30.00
  • Elizabeth Rumschlag - $25.00
  • Richard Beyes - $25.00
Donor Date Amount Message
George Gray 4/20/2013 $5.00
Elizabeth Rumschlag 4/20/2013 $25.00 In memory of Howard Bernfeld
Gil & Patsy Rossiter 4/19/2013 $50.00
Marcia ODonnell 4/6/2013 $20.00 In memory of Howard A. Bernfeld
Diane Taylor 4/6/2013 $5.00 In memory of Howard A. Bernfeld
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