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As Kermit said: "it ain't easy being Green"

And it isn't easy having kidney cancer. Or keeping up with others between our own medical appointments. Green is the colour used most widely for kidney cancer awareness, so this month you'll see a Green Lipstick Challenge and others starting events across Canada to raise funds. If you can't start an event of your own, I hope you will support my fundraising and awareness efforts for Kidney Cancer Canada, an organization that is very important to me -- and many of you.

For World Kidney Cancer Q&A Day, my goal is to raise $1000 for Kidney Cancer Canada's Research Fund. My event is going to be a virtual event -- in other words, there's nothing for you to attend or train for, but it's a chance for you and others to pay it forward. So if Kidney Cancer Canada has helped you or your family in some way, please take a minute to "pay it forward" however you can. As today's patients, I hope we can all ensure that an organisation like Kidney Cancer Canada is there for the family diagnosed next week, next month, and next year. And that vital research continues so that we ALL have better answers for this unwelcome disease in our lives.

Please click on the “Sponsor Me” button to make a fast and secure charitable donation.  

I appreciate your support! Feel free to forward my fundraising page to anyone who you think might want to donate to Kidney Cancer Canada or start their own fundraising activity! 


About Kidney Cancer Canada

Kidney Cancer Canada was formed in 2006 by patients, for patients. Our mission is to improve the lives of those affected by kidney cancer across Canada. Working closely with patients, caregivers, doctors, researchers and leading experts across the country, we provide a lifeline for patients and families touched by this disease.

  • providing information and support
  • advocating for access to quality care and necessary treatment
  • promoting and supporting vital research that will help prevent and treat kidney cancer

  • Goal $500.00
  • Raised $250.00
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  • Paul & Marianne Scott - $100.00
  • Grateful Supporter - $100.00
  • Antonette Conte - $50.00
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Antonette Conte 8/21/2017 $50.00
Paul & Marianne Scott 6/16/2017 $100.00 from Paul and Marianne
Grateful Supporter 5/29/2017 $100.00 Thanks to everyone on this site!