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Dave Trbizan

David Trbizan has dedicated the final stage of his $100,000 campaign for Kidney Cancer Canada in memory of a fellow patient, Robert Philp. While the two never met in person, "he was just like me" commented Dave "like me, Robert loved life, loved his family, loved his friends". It's my honour to dedicate the final leg of my campaign to a fellow patient.



Thank you so much to my family and to each and everyone of you for supporting me through this difficult journey. The donations and the inspiration that each of you gave me will always hold a place in my heart.

I had a lot of ups and downs over the last year, with the regression of my cancer, progression now followed by even more progression. I now have 42 brain metastasis treated with Gamma Knife. I have to say a big thank you to Dr. Sahgal and his entire team at Sunnybrook Hospital for the outstanding care - 3 new spine metastasis treated with radiation and ablation and growth in my liver and lungs. Yet, I still have treatment options and I find a way to smile each and everyday.

As I continue my journey, I promise you that I will continue to fight for each and every kidney cancer patient, caregiver and family.

Together we will continue to do great things.

Dave Trbizan



In April 2017, my life changed forever.  Without warning I passed blood in my urine. I knew I was in trouble.

After a few weeks of numerous scans and tests my new reality started to sink in -  I had Stage 4 kidney cancer and it was bad.  The kidney cancer had spread to my lungs, liver, bones and brain. My prognosis was very poor. I was confused, afraid and depressed. How could this happen to me? 

I'm just like you 

A few short months earlier I was seemingly fit and healthy.  At 50-years-old I went to the gym daily and ate an extremely clean diet. I had two wonderful kids attending university and life could not have been better with my beautiful wife. 

But how quickly my life changed after seeing blood in my urine and hearing a doctor say, “You have advanced stage kidney cancer.” For many kidney cancer patients those words are expected to be a terminal diagnosis.

I now found myself, not enjoying life but, fighting to survive.

Taking Charge

I was desperate. I began to research kidney cancer and treatment options.

I stumbled across Kidney Cancer Canada by chance. I found a committed group of underfunded people who work hard to support patients, advance research and lobby for access to new treatments. Members helped guide me and, with the help of others, I enrolled in a clinical trial that has so far saved my life! Now I feel I have a chance - I have hope and I feel in control of my disease.

The sad reality

The sad reality of kidney cancer research is that it is incredibly underfunded. Of all money raised for cancer research, only $.012 of every dollar goes to kidney cancer research.

Kidney cancer is one of the deadliest; it does not respond to traditional chemotherapy or radiation.  Current treatment options for advanced stage kidney cancer are only viewed as extending life, controlling the cancer but not a cure.

Kidney Cancer Canada works tirelessly to ensure that all Canadian kidney cancer patients have access to quality information, national standards of care and proven treatments.

This group is terribly underfunded and are doing the best it can with limited resources.

What can we do?

I worked hard my entire life and have not asked for anything from anyone - much like you! Now that my circumstances have changed, I need your help. I would love for us to make a difference, so I ask each, and every one of you to help me raise $100,000 to support kidney cancer research, patient support, advocacy and education. 

Please help me achieve this goal. We can do this! I start the ball rolling with a $10,000 commitment. Please give what you can and please ask your friends to help. 

It's really easy to support my fundraising and awareness efforts -- simply click on the “Sponsor Me” button to make a fast and secure charitable donation.  

I appreciate your support!  Feel free to forward my fundraising page to anyone who you think might help me and to donate to Kidney Cancer Canada.

Thank you,


P.S. You will immediately receive a registered tax receipt.


About Kidney Cancer Canada

Kidney Cancer Canada was formed in 2006 by patients, for patients. Our mission is to improve the lives of those affected by kidney cancer across Canada. Working closely with patients, caregivers, doctors, researchers and leading experts across the country, we provide a lifeline for patients and families touched by this disease.

  • providing information and support
  • advocating for access to quality care and necessary treatment
  • promoting and supporting vital research that will help prevent and treat kidney cancer

  • Goal $100,000.00
  • Raised $104,570.00
Top Donations
  • Trbizan family - $10,000.00
  • The McClay Family - $5,500.00
  • Jim Elgie - $5,000.00
  • Clarence Covey - $5,000.00
  • Philp family - $5,000.00
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Union Gas - Matching Gifts Program 8/20/2018 $250.00
Jordan Merkur 8/1/2018 $200.00 In memory of Robert Philp
Shauna and Jerry Tepperman 7/31/2018 $100.00 In memory of Robert Philp
Lorne Merkur 7/31/2018 $500.00 In memory of Robert Philp
George Gilchrist 7/31/2018 $500.00 In memory of Robert Philp
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