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Young student from the Jewish community of Armenia, El Salvador. Photo by Rabbi Aaron Rehberg, 2011.
Welcome to Kulanu's Fundraising Page for the emerging Jewish community of El Salvador! Since we first created this page in July 2011, we have been raising funds primarily to support the semi-annual trips to El Salvador by Kulanu Regional Coordinator Rabbi Aaron Rehberg of Israel, and the community programs that have been established and maintained through these transformational visits. Our current fundraising goal - for the December 2012 Beit Midrash / Hanukah trip - is $9,000; The Good People Fund's generous $4,000 grant has helped immensely, but we still have $5,000 to go! Can you help us meet our goal and support the 400-member Jewish community in El Salvador? Click on "Make a Donation" to contribute today. Thank you so much for getting involved!

You can read more about the history of this community of anousim (descendants of those forcibly converted to Catholicism during the Spanish Inquisition 500 years ago) and Jews-by-choice, and the amazing growth they've experienced with the help of Kulanu and Rabbi Rehberg, on their page on the Kulanu web site:

Want to do even more to help Judaism flourish in Central America? From this Page you can register for your own Personal Fundraising Page (PFP), start or join a team, set a goal, and begin raising money in support of our cause! You can also search for other participants and donate towards their goals. For example, Kimberly Dueñas of California started her own Personal Fundraising Page to raise money for Hebrew and Spanish texts that will expand the community library, as well as Jewish ritual objects for services and for individuals (right now, community members are sharing one pair of tefillin and five prayer books in their synagogue). Go to to check out the community's "Wish List" on Kimberly's PFP.
Your donation will provide much-needed assistance to this small and isolated Jewish community of Armenia, El Salvador on their journey of return to Judaism, and will help enrich the community's Hanukah celebration as well as their Jewish learning and other community programs. This is an impoverished community, but their motivation is great. Members eagerly await the rabbi's visits and the opportunity to immerse themselves in Jewish education for a month at a time (part of the trip budget includes stipends for students so they can afford to be away from work and focus on their studies). They need Kulanu and you to reach their goals: to live a full, vibrant Jewish life, and re-connect with the worldwide Jewish community.
A contribution today will go so far. Please click the "Make a Donation" link at the top of this page to show your support with a one-time or recurring gift. Thanks so much!

Learn More About Kulanu - a nearly all-volunteer 501(c)(3) organization which assists emerging and isolated Jewish communities worldwide.

Purim Trip Report, 2012 - read Rabbi Rehberg's report from his last visit to El Salvador, for Purim 2012.

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We are so glad for your interest in the Jewish community of Armenia, and look forward to working with you to support this emerging group of Jews in El Salvador!


Photo, above: Young student from the Jewish community of Armenia, El Salvador. Photo by Rabbi Aaron Rehberg, 2011.

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