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Kimberly Duenas' Fundraising Page to Support the Jewish Community in El Salvador this Hannukah!!

Welcome to my fundraising page for Kulanu's projects in the Jewish community of Armenia, El Salvador!

All around the world, Kulanu (Hebrew for "all of us") --   a NYC-based non-profit, 501(c)3  --  supports isolated and emerging Jewish communities who wish to learn more about Judaism and (re-) connect with the Global Jewish community.

I became involved with Kulanu last summer. Growing up in southern California, I had always kept my Salvadorean roots and my Jewish identity separate from one another, and I had been planning to visit my Catholic relatives in El Salvador this past summer.

But I happened to come across a Kulanu newsletter which described the small Jewish community in El Salvador,and as a result, when I arrived in the country, I met them. It was a life-changing experience, for, as I discovered, we share not only a common ancestry, but also an unwavering devotion to Judaism. I was inspired by their dedication to their faith; I came back to California with a determination to do what is necessary to strengthen them.   

Located in rural El Salvador, the Jewish community is at once economically very limited but growing in numbers; both the children and adults are yearning to deepen their Jewish education. They need your support to launch a Beit Midrash Study program for men, women and children this winter.  Beginning in December, I will join Rabbi Aaron Rehberg from Israel to help immerse the community in Hebrew language and Talmud. For the program to succeed, the participants need texts, study materials, and support. 


  1. To provide funding for community programming and festivities
  2. To make ritual objects available for congregants
  3. To build a Spanish library of Hebrew-language training books, pre/post Bar and Bat Mitzvah books, Children's books, rabbinic texts, and Jewish literature. 



  • Torah w/ Haftorah.....$28 each (Quantity wished: 10)
  • Torah w/ Rashi.....$225 book set (Quantity wished: 2)
  • Spanish/ Aramaic Dictionary.....$24 each (Quantity wished: 5)
  • Early Prophets.....$43 each (Quantity wished: 1 or more)
  • Later Prophets.....$43 each (Quantity wished: 1 or more)
  • Ketubim & Megilot.....$43 (Quantity wished: 10)
  • The Way of Hashem.....$23 (Quantity wished: 2)
  • Practical Spirtuality.....$30 (Quantity wished: 2)
  • Bat Melech.....$30 (Quantity wished: 6)
  • Children's Books.....$100 (Quantity wished: various)

Community Programs:

  • Student Stipend.....$200 for full time student 
  • Saturday Morning Kidush.....$50 (for 5 shabbat's)
  • Hanukah Evening Celebrations......$50 (for 7 nights, excluding Shabbat)


  • Megillat Ester Scroll.....$1,000 (Quantity wished: 1)
  • Mezzuzot......$40 (Quantity wished: 50)
  • Tefillin.....$50 per set (Quantity wished: 3 or more)

All the money raised will be used to purchase these items listed above for the Beit Midrash program and Hanukah festivities. Your generosity and support will help this Jewish community become independent and vibrant. You have the power to change lives!

Contribute to a revitalizing Jewish community in El Salvador! 


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To learn more about Kulanu, a nearly all-volunteer 501(c)(3) organization that supports communities all over the world, click here

To learn more about Kulanu's work in El Salvador, click here!

  • Goal $12,000.00
  • Raised $25.00
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