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וּקְשַׁרְתָּ֥ם לְא֖וֹת עַל־יָדֶ֑ךָ וְהָי֥וּ לְטֹֽטָפֹ֖ת בֵּ֥ין עֵינֶֽיךָ

Uk’shartam l’ot al yadecha v’hayu l’totafot bein einecha.

You shall bind them as a sign upon your hand, and they shall be for a reminder between your eyes.


For many Jews, nothing is more cherished than the special connection felt when praying with tefillin.  In many of Kulanu partner communities around the globe, the cost and availability of tefillin are a barrier to practicing this mitzvah.  

When Kulanu’s Regional Coordinator for Vizag, India, Meylech Viswanath, heard about the generous donation of 50 sets of tefillin in need of assembly, he was very excited about what this opportunity would mean for our partner community.  

”The Jewish community in Vizag, India could use 10 sets of tefillin, but if we only afford to give them two, it’s okay, they will wait in line to pray with the tefillin,”  he explained, truly understanding the magnitude of a donation of this significance would make on the entire community.

The generous donor of the sets of tefillin, Robin L, also intimately understands the desire to pray with tefillin.  He once gave a set to someone on one of his travels and the man broke down in tears of gratitude.

This encounter inspired Robin to buy out the whole collection of tefillin components when a Judaic shop owner was retiring.  He then donated these tefillin pieces to Kulanu so we could magnify his mitzvah around the globe.

You have the opportunity to help ensure that Jewish communities in countries like India, Nigeria, Brazil, Uganda and elsewhere are able to pray with tefillin and feel the connection of this mitzvah as well as a connection to the Jewish communities around the globe.

Please help us by donating today to assembly the 50 sets.  The donated tefillin are in pieces and need to be assembled by a sofer (a scribe). This process will take more than a full day for each set.

Once the tefillin are assembled then they will be distributed to Jewish communities in need around the globe.  The funds donated will be used for this and similar projects and will allow Kulanu to continue its work supporting isolated, emerging and returning Jewish communities around the globe.


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