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Welcome to Kulanu's fundraising site for the Jewish community living in Kasuku, Kenya.

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Kasuku Jewish Community by Yehudah Kimani


The hills around majestic Mt. Kenya are home to the Ol Kalou-Kasuku Jewish community. For over 20 years, this community has been observing mitzvot, keeping Shabbat, maintaining kashrut, celebrating Jewish holidays, and following Jewish traditions. The community consists of 66 members, many of which are young children, the next generation of Kenyan Jewry.

For 10 years, Kulanu has partnered with this community to help with their Jewish education. Kulanu has helped some of the community members travel to Uganda to study Judaism in the Abayudaya community. These young people have brought their learning back to their families in Kenya and have influenced the way the community observes different Jewish practices.

Now, the Kasuku community is asking for help with projects that will further enrich their Jewish lives. For example, their leaders would like to assist their young students  with their school tuition payments so they can gain a good education. They plan to continue their Jewish learning programs for youth and adults in a community center with internet access for researching online Jewish education resources and participating in online lessons taught by Kulanu volunteers. They also intend to further develop their community, and build a synagogue. Help support this Kenyan Jewish community's goals by clicking the "Make a Donation" link and contributing today!

To learn more about the Kasuku Jewish community, visit and the Kulanu Blog. You can also check out Kulanu's page on Facebook ( or the Kenyan community's page on Facebook (click here) to stay up-to-date on the latest news.

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Photo Credit: Yehudah Kimani, 2014 

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