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Ethan King's Bar Mitzvah Project

Hello family and friends!

My Bar Mitzvah Project is to support the Lemba of Zimbabwe. I was inspired to help people in Africa by a book called I Will Always Write Back. This book is a dual biography of an American girl named Caitlin and an Zimbabwean boy named Martin who become pen pals. Caitlin and Martin exchange letters with each other for years, and eventually she figures out how tough his life is. Caitlin's family pulls together money that keeps Martin's family afloat and get Martin a full scholorship to Villanova. This book changed my life. I would highly suggest reading this book.

The Lemba tribe entered Africa through Yemen many, many years ago. They say they lost their "Book" (the Torah) during their travel. Although they did not have a written copy of the Torah, they kept their Jewish belief alive by passing down customs and laws orally through the generations. They are still devoted to Judaism and keeping it alive to this day after all those years. You can learn more at

My fundraising goal is $3600 because half of 36 is 18 and 18 is the numerical value of Chai (Chai means "life"). Chai is a very important word in Judaism, therefore 18 is a special number. And I picked $3600 for my goal because I know with all of your help, we can do it!

Please help me raise funds to support the Lemba and their synagogue. Just click on "make a donation" in the upper right of this screen. Every little bit helps. I am excited to support the Lemba community! I hope you are as well.

Thank you so much!

Ethan King



  • $3,600.00


  • $3,716.00

Top Donations

  • Mom and Dad - $400.00
  • Ethan King - $270.00
  • Leslie Levin - $180.00
  • Elina, Sam, Meyer, and Adler - $118.00
  • Lee Swerdlin - $118.00


Donor Date Amount Message
Liz and Mike Spangler 6/8/2019 $25.00
Adon Lippman 6/5/2019 $36.00 Our family read this book together. It is an amazing story! I am so proud of the similar impact you are making in the world.
Sandy and Tim Gerend 6/4/2019 $40.00 Congratulations Ethan!
Mom and Dad 6/1/2019 $400.00 We are very proud of your commitment to help others and your generosity. Mazal Tov Ethan!
Ethan King 6/1/2019 $270.00 Thanks everybody who donated to the Lemba with me! This is a portion of the money I received from my personal Bar Mitzvah gifts.
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