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Dear friends and family,

     Recently I committed to running the New York City Marathon. I never thought I'd run a marathon, but early this summer my friend Izzy planted the seed that I should join her in the race and... well, here I am, set to voluntarily run 26.2 miles on Sunday, November 4th. I'm terrified and nervous, but I'm (mostly) ready for the challenge. 
     2012 marks ten years of my living in New York and it strikes me that there's no better way to celebrate than to jog through all of the five boroughs. Additionally, in my past races I've found running to be a strange way of feeling closer to my mom, who died in 2005. My brother and sister-in-law ran a marathon several years ago in her honor and it was a huge accomplishment for them—my family and I were very proud. Now it's my turn go out there, push through that extra mile and up that hill, let her nudge me forward. 
     I'm running on behalf of the Lower Eastside Girls Club, which is an excellent organization here in New York that provides a place where low-income girls and young women aged 8 to 23 can hang out, grow, learn, have fun, work, and generally pass through on the way to becoming well calibrated, happy adults. It's the kind of project that I think is a no-brainer in terms of offering my support. Whitney Houston sang it best: "I believe the children are the future, teach them well and let them lead the way."
     Completing the marathon is one goal, but I've also committed to raise $5,000 for the Girls Club. I'm doing this in a number of ways. Izzy and I just scheduled a big veggie burger fundraiser at 61 Local on Thursday, September 13th. This is open to everyone—if you live in the NYC area or know anyone who does, please join us! There are a few other fundraising ideas percolating, which I'll announce when we're further along in the planning process. 
     More importantly—and honestly this is the most difficult part, more difficult so far than the training—I'm asking for donations to help meet my fundraising goal, and that's why I'm writing to you. These donations help finance many of the Girls Club programs: art classes or math tutoring, for example, or school supplies, and any of their expansion projects. Online donations can be made on this page by clicking the "sponsor me" button in the right-hand column. All contributions are 100% tax-deductible. And if your employer has any donation-matching programs for this kind of thing... just putting that out there.
     If you're able to donate, please accept my profuse thanks in advance. The Lower Eastside Girls Club is a great organization, and I couldn't be more thrilled to have your support as I prepare for this big race.
Lukas Volger

  • Goal $5,000.00
  • Raised $4,056.60
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Paula Forman 10/8/2012 $50.00 Watch out for our girl xox
Ronald H Volger 10/2/2012 $1,500.00
Lukas Volger 10/2/2012 $965.60 61Local Fundraiser!
Kathleen Gilligan 10/1/2012 $50.00 Am soooo excited for you!!
Leslie Woolley 9/25/2012 $100.00 Fantastic what you are doing. Good Luck
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