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Blindfold Yoga with Natalie Edward

Practicing yoga blindfolded is a time to slow down the asana practice, and tune deeper into the breath. The present moment becomes magnified. The other senses become more in-tune and refined. Your mind must be more focused and present; if the mind wanders at all, or shifts to something outside of the body, you will feel lost. Practicing without the use of your vision allows you to connect to your deeper self, and to cultivate a renewed sense of self confidence. You will learn to trust yourself more fully, becoming more in tune with your intuition and the wisdom of your body.

Join me for Blindfold Yoga! visit to see the current schedule. Let go of external distractions and experience what it truly feels like to be in your body. And why just benefit yourself when your presence can benefit others, too? 

A portion of the proceeds I receive from these blindfold yoga classes will be donated in support of Seva Canada's work to restore sight and prevent blindness in the developing world!

Click the "Sponsor Me" on the right to sponsor my efforts in meeting my fundraising goal, or click Register to create your own page and join me in raising money for Seva's life-changing work!

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  • Goal $1,000.00
  • Raised $116.00
Top Donations
  • Dave Culver - $100.00
  • Blindfold Yoga Class w/ Natalie - $16.00
Donor Date Amount Message
Dave Culver 5/28/2015 $100.00 Very worthwhile cause
Blindfold Yoga Class w/ Natalie 3/27/2015 $16.00