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Tibet Appeal

Seva needs your help to bring sight to thousands more people in Tibet.

When a blind person has their sight restored, like the woman in this photo, it brings joy to the whole family, breaks the cycle of poverty and blindness, and benefits entire communities. It is a miracle.

Tibet has the highest rate of blindness in the world, mainly due to cataracts.

Please join us in raising urgent funds for:

  • medical supplies for hospital-based surgeries
  • screening camps in remote locations to find people who need help
  • cataract surgeries and other treatment for the very poor
  • expansion of Seva's program in Tibet to more people and more areas.

Last year, Seva donors restored sight to over 5,000 Tibetans and trained 18 people including nurses and ophthalmologists.

Thousands more are still blind and need your help.

Please join our campaign and share it with your friends and family.

To donate, please click the "Sponsor Me" button on the right. If you wish to donate as a gift to someone, just call the Seva office at 1-877-460-6622 toll-free and we can send a beautiful tribute card.

Heartfelt thanks on behalf of those who will see again thanks to your generosity.

The Seva team

PS See a 1-minute video of what your gifts will look like at

  • Goal $20,000.00
  • Raised $2,114.00
Top Donations
  • Bill & Verdelle Wilson - $1,000.00
  • Heather Wardle & Ted Wong - $300.00
  • Laurie Haynes - $200.00
  • Arlene Weaver - $200.00
  • Irene Tassie - $100.00
Donor Date Amount Message
Mary S Stuart 12/28/2013 $25.00 With very best wishes.
St. John's-Ravenscourt School Room 209 12/5/2013 $75.00
Mary S Stuart 11/23/2012 $24.00 With very best wishes
Mary S Stuart 9/11/2012 $25.00 With best wishes to the people of Tibet
Laurie Haynes 4/27/2012 $200.00
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