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Barbara Daley

  • Welcome to my fundraising page in support of Seva Canada's work to restore sight and prevent blindness in the developing world!
  • summer4SEVA is a project of  I am offering a One Day Creativity Retreat, at my home studio , one last day for this season...
  • "Creative Doodling and Meditative Drawing AND Contemplative Colouring for Adults"
Sunday September 13,9:30 am til 4ish pm. Time to reach our goal! Just donate online...First 7 people to donate are IN! Thank you!
  • SEVA receives a $100 donation from YOU 
  • YOU receive one marvelous One Day Creativity Retreat, featuring Creative Doodling and Meditative Drawing AND Contemplative Colouring for Adults"!!!; a beautiful PaperBlanks Journal to KEEP,please bring a BAG Lunch, coffee/tea/snacks provided. All other supplies available for use....oh, and YOU get the tax receipt!
  • WE get to open our eyes to a new way to play, work in a small group (7 or so) "kindred spirits"... NO ART EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!!!  
  • Especially EXCELLENT SKILLS for brightening our LOONG Northern Winters!!;p

Click the "Sponsor Me" on the right to sponsor my efforts in meeting my fundraising goal! The $5000 we raised LAST summer provided cataract surgery for 105 Cambodians!

  • Goal $7,000.00
  • Raised $7,040.00
Top Donations
  • The Dance Lady - $500.00
  • BarbaraZilla - $500.00
  • BarbaraZilla - $250.00
  • Deb A. Martin - $200.00
  • Beverly G Baker - $200.00
Donor Date Amount Message
Barry Morrell 9/15/2015 $40.00
Jen Pimm 9/12/2015 $100.00
Deb A. Martin 9/10/2015 $200.00 Thanks SEVA & Barb Daley who are there for those who will now be able to see the world and their loved ones in a new and precious light!
Hannah 9/10/2015 $100.00 See you Sep 14
Ron White 9/4/2015 $100.00 Had an awesome time 2 years ago!
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