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The New eTapestry is Here!

The new eTapestry 7.31.0 is here! Check out our newest New Features Guide which highlights the new features in this release.

eTapestry - NEW Query Preview

eTapestry's new query preview is here! If you haven't already logged into eTapestry to start using the feature, it should be a priority for you. Now, when you preview a query, you can add, subtract and move columns, quickly search for someone to see if they are in the query results and export the data. This means that query preview just became a report and you now have a quicker, more user friendly way to run the common reports you need. Don't worry, custom reports are still around, just in case you need to find that elusive "GL Debit Account" column that you use so much.

eTapestry Query Preview, just another way we are letting you spend more time on your mission.

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