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 Children in Need: Saving Lives in the Field
These children live in Petit-Anse, an extremely impoverished community without electricity or sanitation. The average family exists on less than $2 each day. Petit-Anse does not have a doctor or a nurse and roads are so poor that it is very difficult to reach the nearest medical facility which is only a few miles away.
HUFH's solution: Our in-country medical staff and volunteer pediatric teams bring care directly to the children of Petit-Anse. The teams see more than 600 patients in a week.
Our volunteers jump right in and get to work, forging understanding and saving lives.
Help us continue community outreach. $60 pays for a Haitian doctor for one day; $30 for a Haitian nurse.
To help save lives and leave a living legacy, take action and DONATE HERE.

These are challenging times.
Now more than ever, it is crucial for us to understand what makes each one of us care, what makes us want to reach out to help another human being.
When feelings are running high about families arriving at our borders, we need to understand the conditions people flee so that together we can find humane solutions.
Now more than ever, we must ensure that HUFH's impact, legacy and actions move us towards a better and more compassionate world, one where people can remain in their homes and communities.
Our - and Your - Impact: Saving lives in Haiti, helping some of the most vulnerable people in the world.
Our - and Your - Legacy: Healing - Teaching - Supporting life-giving programs that meet the needs of the present generation and pave the way for the future.
Our - and Your - Action: Programs led by Haitians, for Haitians.
What makes Hands Up for Haiti missions special? They are truly about understanding and providing care. There is no agenda beyond working together with our Haitian medical staff to deliver lifesaving medical care and clean water to people who have limited access. They are also about mutual respect and building a bridge of understanding between our volunteers and the people they care for. In sum, HUFH supports the Haitian community as it heals itself, providing mentorship and funding. To read more about what makes us care, why our volunteers return, and what can be done to help people remain rather than flee, please click here.
Now more than ever, we appreciate the support of our donors and our volunteers.
Thank you from your Hands Up for Haiti family!
Mary Ann LoFrumento MD                                                                            Karen Akst Schecter
President, Hands Up for Haiti                                                                        Executive Director
HUFH's Pediatric Global Health Program Receives Grant from Morristown Medical Center
At Morristown Medical Center this June, Hands Up for Haiti’s Pediatric Global Health Program was the recipient of a grant from the Philanthropy Fund of the hospital’s Medical and Dental Staff. Dr. Mary Ann LoFrumento, President of Hands Up for Haiti and the Director for the Goryeb Global Child Health Program accepts the award from Medical Staff president Dr. Renee Frankel and Treasurer, Dr. Michael Silverman.
To join with Morristown and increase the impact of our pediatric programs in Haiti, DONATE HERE.
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You probably already use Amazon for your online shopping. Use Amazon Smile instead and Amazon will make a donation to Hands Up For Haiti every time you shop!
Learn how it works here. Using this link, you can choose to support Hands Up For Haiti when you shop with the Amazon Smile program; just enter the name of Hands Up For Haiti as your charity of choice. Shop Prime on July 17, and help HUFH at the same time!
It's that simple!

Please support those who support us!
Find the full list here.
Thanks to the Support of our Board of Directors, Donor Funds Go Directly to Program Support
Thank you to our Board of Directors, whose members underwrite our administrative expenses. Because of their generosity, commitment and vision, Almost Every Cent of Every Dollar Donated Goes Directly to Helping Children, Mothers and Families through our medical programs.
"Walk a mile in another's shoes: We all have the ability to empathize with another person’s struggles, if we only take the time and thought to do so."
Hands Up For Haiti is a medical humanitarian organization
making a sustainable and positive impact on the health of the people of northern Haiti,
community by community, throughout the entire lifespan.
How We Do It:
We collaborate with and support the Haitian medical community.
We mentor local leaders and provide professional education opportunities.
We deliver direct care and support community education programs on health and well-being.
We send visiting teams to provide targeted program and outreach support.
We provide clean water for our communities through the building and maintenance of wells.
We partner with local organizations and hospitals.

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