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 The Harvest Center of Charlotte's
Community Gazette
Creating Community - Transforming Lives
June 2014, Issue 4
Charlotte Magazine's "Top Doctor (2013)" Visits

Dr. JP McBryde (pictured above with Colin Pinkney) is the Facility Physician for Emergency Medicine at Carolinas Medical Center and has a passion to build a healthier community by utilizing best practices and approaches to accessing medical care through the emergency room. He is board-certified in both emergency medicine and sports medicine and shared engaging ideas and procedures to help our guests know when and when not to use the emergency room.

Nationally, between 13.7% and 27.1% of all emergency department visits are non-urgent, according to a 2010 Health Affairs study, leading to about $4.4 billion in health care costs. The Harvest Center touches hundreds of homeless individuals who may overuse the healthcare system in Charlotte. Our passion is to teach Godly stewardship to all of our clients. 

Thank you, Dr. McBryde, for sharing your knowledge and passion with us!  
Happy Father's Day
from The Harvst Center! 

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Director's Notes
The Father's Love
(Pictured: Executive Director, Colin Pinkney, his wife, Terry,
and their children)
"See how very much our Father loves us, for he calls us his children, and that
is what we are."  1 John 3:1 (NLT)
Growing up without my father was a difficult experience that has made me appreciate the value of dads. I can say that second to being a husband, being a loving father is top on my list of things I value most. There is no greater satisfaction for me than the awesome privilege of providing the love, support and resources that my children need to become healthy and value-producing citizens in God’s Kingdom! 
At The Harvest Center, we can’t always replace the love many of our guests have lost as the result of broken families and fatherless homes. But, through our mission and ministry, we can work to create a community where our Heavenly Father cares for the broken-hearted and mends the emotional wounds of those who are hurting.
My prayer for all of us is that we find ourselves consumed with the eternal love of our Heavenly Father who promises never to leave us or forsake us. Happy Father’s Day!
Many blessings,
Volunteer Spotlight
The Hands and Feet of Jesus
We are blessed to have an incredible group of ladies who give their time and talents to create a Christian community with senior ladies from the neighborhood. Anne Ranson has served many years building relationships through The Harvest Center’s Crotchet class. She created the group to break down barriers that prevented authentic relationships from being formed. 

Article Image
 Over the years, many other  committed individuals have come  alongside The Harvest Center to  create a caring community where  lives are transformed for good.

 Thank  you to all of our crotchet  volunteers  past, present and future!
 Visit our Website to learn more about  volunteering your time and talents to  make transformation a reality in the  lives of homeless men and women. 

(Pictured: Helena Lopez, Anne Ranson, Jane Stubblefield and Catherine Collins)
Partnership Spotlight
Johnson C. Smith University (JCSU) 
Summer Athletic Program 
                                                          (Pictured: Colin Pinkney, Brandie Meekins
and Coach Steve Shipp)   
Did you know that 51.8% of college students living off campus without relatives live below the poverty threshold in America? That means that everyday many college students are going without the basic necessity of food.

The Harvest Center has
begun a great partnership which will benefit the football team and the rest of JCSU's athletic programs. Anyone 
who has ever attended college understands that college years, often, are the most financially difficult times in a young person’s life.    

Thanks to the leadership of our Core Services Director, Brandie Meekins, The Harvest Center will expand our food service ministry to the community by providing hot, healthy, home-style meals to student athletes at during the sweltering days of summer. As the single mother of a soon to be college student, Brandie understands the importance of having a “home away from home” for young adults.
Hats off to Brandie for her sensitivity to the needs of others and for creating community in our own backyard!  

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