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June 2020

The Road Ahead
I hope you are safe and doing well.
These are difficult, unsettling times. As parents, as neighbors, as friends, as co-workers, as citizens, we are having uncomfortable conversations and considering who we are as individuals and as a nation. The strife and pain of recent events, exacerbated by the changes caused by the pandemic, have rocked the ground beneath us. The phrases "new normal" and "next normal" are being tossed around at a time when many of us are not sure we know what the word "normal" means anymore. 
But hope keeps us going. At MHP, one of the important commitments we make to our communities is to celebrate achievement. As such, we drew great comfort from the ritual of year-end graduation ceremonies for our Community Life enrichment students. Make no mistake: with parents and students participating from their homes via on-line platforms rather than filling the seats in our community centers, it was different.
It also was wonderful. Students sang joyously together. One proud little boy even tossed his graduation cap in the air at the end of the ceremony. A grateful parent said our programs have been "the backbone" of his family, making preschool accessible to his children and getting them off to a strong start as students. You can read more about this experience, made possible by our talented, dedicated Community Life staff and our partners at the Washington Conservatory of Music, in the story below.
And so we draw strength, from familiar rituals and from each other, looking forward to better days ahead.
Wishing you peace and hope, 
Robert A. Goldman
MHP President
Supporting Strong Neighborhoods
We are proud to have collaborated with Flower Designs in the Long Branch community of Silver Spring to help win a $7,500 grant for manufacturing face masks. Business owner Edelsa Barrios is one of 25 small and medium-sized businesses to receive this Montgomery County Government grant from a newly created Local Production Fund managed by the Montgomery County Economic Development Corp.
Edelsa is using the money to purchase bulk fabric and other supplies she needs to make hand-sewn face masks, some of which will be donated to residents in need. Special thanks to Councilmembers Hans Riemer and Gabriel Albornoz for spearheading the effort!  And thank you to Lisa Helfert Photography for the photo.

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