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January 2021
Signs of Hope
I hope you are in a good place as we begin a new year. We have been through so much. Between the pandemic and many other events, we are being challenged to define ourselves as a community and a nation. We also are being challenged to look out for each other in ways that we never expected.
While these have been sad and difficult times, I draw great hope from what I see as president of MHP. I am inspired by the many people ready and willing to help our residents as they battle economic and health challenges. With your help, we have accomplished so much.
  • Hundreds of children received holiday gifts who otherwise might not have this year.
  • Assistance from MHP's COVID Outreach Team and COVID Emergency Fund, as well as generous volunteers and organizations, has helped hundreds of residents stay in their homes, pay their bills, and have food on the table.
  • As young students struggle to keep up academically, especially facing technology access gaps, our Community Life program staff are staying connected and engaged, paying special attention to social-emotional needs.
  • Our Neighborhoods staff has deployed creative solutions to help community restaurants who are straining to stay open and keep their staff employed.
Take a look at our mission video to get a sense of all that we have been working on over the past year, and will continue to work on in the months ahead. 
I thank you for all you are doing to give a sense of hope to those we serve.
With great gratitude, 
Robert A. Goldman
MHP President

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