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Down Syndrome Information Alliance
June 2016
June 20-24
William Jessup University | 2121 University Ave, Rocklin, CA 95765
Those interested in registering for this great program as a volunteer should CLICK HERE to register online or email for more information. 
CLICK HERE to download, print and share the flier for volunteering!
DSIA Summer Events 
We offer events for children, self-advocates, and families year round. DSIA members receive substantial discounts on events that require a fee. For discounts to be applicable, DSIA memberships must be active 7 business days prior to the event.
Otherwise otherwise specified, DSIA events are open to the entire family! Please join us! 
Monday, July 18 | 5:30pm-10:30pm
Nightslides at Sunsplash
Sunsplash Golfland | 1893 Taylor Rd, Roseville, CA 95661
Join us for our 6th annual night at Sunsplash!
Ticket cut off date is Sunday July 10, midnight– NO EXCEPTIONS.
Tickets will be MAILED to your family.
No Outside food and drink is allowed in the park. Food and Drink are available for purchase at the SunSplash Snack Bar.
General Admission Ticket:
$7/DSIA member
$1/ under 32” inches – must be purchased in person the night of the 18th at the ticket counter.
Saturday, July 16 | 6:00pm-8:00pm
Self-Advocate (ages 16+) Glow Bowling
County Club Lanes | 2600 Watt Ave, Sacramento CA 95821
Parents are encouraged to leave their children and enjoy some time together!
$5/DSIA Member
$10/ non-Member
$1/shoe rental
Saturday, August 6 | 10am-12pm
Self-Advocate (ages 10-16) Back to School Prep
More information to come soon
Parents are encouraged and expected to stay the entire event.
Saturday, August 20 | 6pm-8-pm
Family Swim at Manor Pool in Davis
Manor Pool | 1525 Tulip Ln, Davis, CA 95618
Join us for an evening of fun! This event is for all families, all ages!
Join us as we have the whole park to ourselves!
*Splash Pad!*Beach Pool *Lap Pool with Slide * Dive Well
Bring your own food, snacks and beverages (no glass containers or alcohol).
Click here to learn more about the pool and rules
General Admission Ticket (ages 3 and up)
$5/DSIA Member
$1/Toddler/Infant admission Tickets (ages 2 and under)
DSIA & Sacramento Republic!  
DSIA is excited to partner with the Sacramento Republic Soccer Team. Use THIS LINK to purchase tickets along with PROMO CODE: DSIA and receive $5 off your ticket price! 
Special Kids Picnic 2016

Registration is now open for the annual Special Kids Picnic set for 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Saturday, June 18 at Fairytale Town. To sign up, please click HERE.
Music Therapy Services for Summertime Fun!  
Music To Grow On is offering some Jam Groups for individuals with special needs. The groups will offer a variety of improvisational and song writing experiences through boomwhackers, drums, other rhythm instruments, and basic melodic instruments. Sessions will also do some lyric analysis, song writing, and dancing as deemed appropriate for participants.
CLICK HERE to view the flyer.

Inclusion of children of all abilities is important primarily for children with special needs. These students sometimes require some additional supports and consultation to make the individual successful and the teacher able to successfully teacher his/her class. Success in these groups can be reached with buddies or older student mentors as well as finding and joining the class with the best fit. Not all classes are appropriate for every student so read carefully through each description to find the class which best suits you!
Final class will be a time for group participants to share what they have learned over the summer with family and friends who want to attend the last class.
All classes will be conducted by a Board Certified Music Therapists from Music To Grow On, Music Therapy Services, who can adapt and support individuals of all abilities.
CLICK HERE for more information 
CLICK HERE to start shopping! 
We need your help in taking action against comedian Gary Owen and Showtime Networks
We are writing to share with you an upsetting attack on individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) and provide you opportunities to take action, alongside thousands of other disability activists.
The Background
Gary Owen, a stand-up comedian with an upcoming reality show, has a comedy special called “I Agree with Myself” available on Showtime Networks’ On Demand service. In the special, he savagely insults people with I/DD, uses outdated offensive language including the R-word, and mocks their sexuality and dignity. You can view the clip here, though we warn you it is hard to watch. 
The Arc has joined with a coalition of disability organizations including Special Olympics International to get Mr. Owen and Showtime Networks to remove the special from On Demand service or edit out the offensive content. Our requests have been denied. You can read the letters that Peter Berns, CEO of The Arc, sent to Mr. Nevins of Showtime and Mr. Owen on our website. We have yet to receive a response to either letter.
We are stepping up our efforts to get Showtime and Mr. Owen to do the right thing, and we need your support.
What can you do to help?
Use your social media to fight back.
  • Join the conversation on social media using the hashtag #WeAreNotAPunchline
  • Tag Gary Owen and Showtime in your social media messaging
Option 1 – Record a Video, Share on Social Media
We want Gary Owen and Showtime to hear from those directly impacted by these hurtful words – people with disabilities.  So record a short video, 60-90 seconds, on your phone – tell Gary Owen your name, why his words hurt, and end with this consistent call: "Showtime & Gary Owen, I’m asking you to please: Take Down the Material and Take Up our Cause.” Use social media to share your video online (sample messages below). Make sure you use the hashtag #WeAreNotAPunchline and tag Gary Owen and Showtime.
Option 2 – Share your Thoughts on Social Media without Video
Tell Gary Owen and Showtime why these words hurt. Anyone, including people with disabilities, is encouraged to do this. You can choose to use a selfie or other picture if you desire to make the post more compelling. Please feel free to use your own voice and words, the sample posts below are only a starting point if you are at a loss for words. The important thing is to express YOUR feelings in an authentic manner. Just be sure to tag Gary Owen & Showtime and include the hashtag #WeAreNotAPunchline.
Sample Social Media Posts
I’m asking [tag]Gary Owen & [tag]Showtime Networks to please take down the hateful material in “I Agree With Myself” that disparages people with intellectual disabilities and to take up our cause in educating comedians that comedy can be both funny and respectful. #WeAreNotAPunchline
If uploading a video or photo:
@GaryOwenComedy Take down the material & take up our cause.  #WeAreNotAPunchline
@Showtime Take down hateful @GaryOwenComedy material & take up our cause. #WeAreNotAPunchline
If NOT uploading a video or photo:
Comedy shouldn’t hurt. Stop mocking my humanity @GaryOwenComedy by disparaging people with intellectual disabilities. #WeAreNotAPunchline
With photo or video:
I want @garyowencomedy & @showtime to know it is not okay to use my humanity as a joke. It is not funny. It hurts and I’m tired of it. Please join me in asking them to take down the hateful material in “I Agree With Myself” and to take up our cause of educating comedians that they can be funny and respectful at the same time. #WeAreNotAPunchline
Gary Owen social media profiles:
Showtime social media profiles:

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