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National Survivor User Network NSUN, network for mental health
NSUN Bulletin Wednesday 4th April 2018
Table of Contents
Welcome to the 3rd April edition of our weekly ebulletin that contains lots of updates, news and views.
Do email us if you have any news or information that you would like included in a future bulletin.
Donations to NSUN are gratefully received for this free service. You can donate directly here.
NSUN news 
Making Reform of the Mental Health Act fit the UN Convention on the rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD)
NSUN, in partnership with Inclusion London, is organising a meeting to put together ideas for letters to the government and Professor Sir Simon Wessely and for a press release which advocate a human rights approach to current plans to reform the Mental Health Act.
Date: Thursday 12 April
Time: 1,45pm - 4pm
Venue: 336 Brixton Road SW9 7AA
If you’re able to come to the meeting, please email Dorothy Gould.
Dorothy is a service user consultant for NSUN and her email address is: 
If you’re unable to come to the meeting, but would like to support the letters and press release, please send your contact details to Dorothy.
Find out more here.
Independent Review of the Mental Health Act , the service user and carer survey has been extended untill 6 April.
Selected blog 
Here is a selection of previous blogs on the review of the Mental Health Act
In 2017 the United Nations Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities recommended that UK Governments should:‘Repeal legislation and practices that authorise non-consensual involuntary, compulsory treatment and detention of persons with disabilities on the basis of actual or perceived impairment’.
Author: Liz Sayce, disability rights commentator
'The MHA review panel must consider the construction of mental disorder if we are going to tackle the over sectioning and inappropriate sectioning of disabled individuals under the Mental Health Act.'
Author: Simone Aspis Changing Perspectives
The Mental Health Act: A Human Rights Perspective 
Mental health act from a human rights perspective
The English National Hearing Voices Network, presents ...

The Mental Health Act: A Human Rights Perspective

  • Professor Nimisha Patel (University of East London)
  • Dr Colin King (St George's University of London)
  • Dr Helen Spandler (University of Central Lancashire and Managing Editor: Asylum: the magazine for Democratic Psychiatry)
Date: Friday 27 april
Time: 10am - 4:30pm (registration from 9:30am)
Venue: Amnesty International 17-25 New Inn Yard London, EC2A 3EA
For more information and booking, please visit here
Money and Mental Health: Recovery Space Campaign 
Article Image
Over 20,000 people were battling problem debt whilst in hospital for their mental health last year in England alone – with thousands more struggling at home.
The Government is introducing a new ‘Breathing Space’ scheme, to give people in problem debt a window without fees or charges, and where they won’t be pursued by creditors if they seek debt advice. But this won’t support the tens of thousands of people in mental health crisis who are too unwell to either manage their finances alone, or to seek debt advice.
A campaign by Money and Mental Health is calling on the Government to extend the Breathing Space scheme to allow people in mental health crisis space to recover. We’re supporting them and back their call for #RecoverySpace.
Find out more and add your name here.
Voices for All news (Rochdale)  
Article Image
Bi-Monthly Forum
Guest speaker Andy Burnham, the Mayor of Greater Manchester
Date: Thursday 26th April 2018
Time: 10.30am
Venue: St Andrews Church, Entwistle Road,Rochdale OL16 2HZ
Places must be booked as no admittance on the day if your name isn't on the attendance list.
For more information telephone 01706 515720 or email
Wellbeing for Men
Programme includes:
  • Out and About Experiences
  • Healthy Lifestyles
  • Personal Life Skills
  • Development
Dates: 13 April 18, 11 May 18, 8 June 18
Venue: Number One Riverside, Smith Street, Rochdale, OL16 1XU
The North East takes centre stage for World Health Innovation 
Article Image The World Health Innovation is a two day festival of health talks will put the North East at the centre of a worldwide movement for health and social care. The focus is on promoting innovative solutions on wellness, preventing illness, and leadership.
Date: Thursday 17th and Friday 18th May 2018
Venue: Gosforth Civic Theatre.
Speakers include Northumbria CEO, Mr Jim Mackey and the Irish Health Services National HR Director Rosarii Mannion. The packed programme which includes both nationally renowned and local speakers will be focused on finding new ways to support existing services. They will be sharing their insight into the future of healthcare.
CHANGE is working with Cancer Research UK 
Soul relics
CHANGE is working with Cancer Research UK. Together, we want to make their online information better. Cancer Research UK would like to find out what information from their website will be most useful to users with accessibility needs and lower literacy levels, and what is the best way to access this information.
If you would like to take part or would like more information please email Jez or Shaun or telephone 0113 242 6619
Find out more here.
A Year in Melancholia 
'One Man in Leicester. One Life with depression. One Year of that Life'
Article Image
Julian Harrison shares his insights and says,
‘A Year in Melancholia’ is my journey through one year of living with depression and OCD. Of coping (and occasionally not) with mental illness. As a narrative, it is often savage and brutal, sometimes heartrending and passionate, occasionally light and humorous, but always honest and authentic. Beginning on 1st January and ending on 31st December 2016, ‘A Year in Melancholia’ is a no holds barred account of what I have to deal with and how – and crucially, whether – I do so.
Read more on Julian's website here
The book can be purchased on Amazon or United PC, the publisher .
Care Quality Commission mental health news
Article Image
Coproduction event on Sexual safety in Mental Health settings 
CQC are holding a coproduction event on Sexual safety in Mental Health settings. They are looking to involve public representatives in coproducing a report on the reporting of sexual abuse and/or harassment in Mental Health Inpatient settings.
Date: 26 April,
Venue: Central London.TBC
Please complete this survey to register your interest, providing as much detail as possible regarding the groups you work with and the engagement you undertake with them.
Are we listening? A review of Children and Young People's Mental Health
The report, Are we listening? A review of children and young people’s mental health services, published 8 March, has found that too many children and young people find themselves at ‘crisis point’ before accessing mental health services because health care, education and other public services are not working together as effectively as they could to protect and support their best interests.
The thematic review of children and adolescent mental health services was announced by the Prime Minister in January 2017. The initial phase of this work was published in October 2017.
Monitoring the Mental Health Act
CQC's annual report, Monitoring the Mental Health Act in 2016/17 was published 27 February. The report on the use of the Mental Health Act (MHA), looks at how providers are caring for patients, and whether patient’s rights are being protected.
People in rehab for serious mental health problems more likely to face lengthy stays far from home and local support
Too many people could be being placed in residential mental health rehabilitation services that are far away from where they live, for too long and that are costly for the NHS. The report published 1 March, found through an information request to providers that nearly two thirds (63%) of placements in residential-based mental health rehabilitation services are ‘out of area’, which means they are in different areas to the clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) that arranged them. The state of care in mental health services 2014 to 2017 report presents findings from our programme of comprehensive inspections of specialist mental health services.
GOV.UK news 
Independent review of the Mental Health Act - update
Part of the Independent Review of the Mental Health Act , the service user and carer survey has been extended untill 6 April.
You can still share your experiences, which are very valuable to this process - please visit this page
The Tribunal Procedure Committee (TPC) consultation
The TPC seeking the views on the proposal to amend the Tribunal Procedure (First-Tier Tribunal) (Health, Education and Social Care Chamber) Rules 2008 in relation to mental health cases under the Mental Health Act 1983 has been published.
The consultation will close on the 14 June 2018.
Find out more about the consultation here.
New pathway announced to improve access to psychological therapies
New guidance from NHS England sets out a pathway for Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) for people with long term conditions and medically unexplained symptoms.
How does the NHS in England work?
Here is an animation produced by the Kings Fund
Think Autism strategy: governance refresh 2018 published 3 April 2018 Policy paper
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