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Village Times
Monthly Newsletter for Parents
July 2018
Table of Contents
June Highlights
We love bowling at Main Event with Volunteers!
We visited the Water Works Education Center!
Straight from the Top 
By Marcus Denman, Executive Director
Welcome to the Texas Heat!!!
Upcoming Dates:
  • Thanks to our wonderful partners at Halliburton, some of our Villagers will participate in a Soccer Skill Challenge on July 13, 2018 on the campus of Halliburton. Others will attend just to cheer and partake in the off-campus event.  
  • On July 25, 2018, The Village will be part of a program at the Houston Dynamo game courtesy of Halliburton. The winner of the Soccer Skills Challenge will have the opportunity to do the first kick, and those participants who placed second, third, and fourth will take a picture with the Houston Dynamo team.  As if that was not enough, Villagers will team up with staff and families to participate in a relay race at halftime.
Now for your Village News!
The Village was visited by the City of Houston for our annual review earlier this month.  I am pleased to announce the results of the audit resulted in zero concerns/issues.  A big thank you to the staff and parents for all you do as it pertains to scheduling/performing activities and updating medical orders and general consents. 
We are updating our daily schedule for our Day Program.  Staff has worked very hard to make sure the activities enjoyed by our Villagers are emphasized and the activities that required some adjusting were updated. Check out Jessica Bankston’s article for more details.
As for our finance update -  overall in May, we achieved 98% of our budgeted revenue income.  Unfortunately for us, we also incurred some untimely needed repairs on A/C units, vehicle repairs, and other maintenance/building repairs that resulted in a loss for the month.  I really appreciate the efforts each of you are making to ensure daily attendance by our Villagers on their scheduled days and notifying us of absences in advance.  We really saw the preliminary benefits of those efforts in our May numbers. Thank you!
We are well into the second stage of our annual third-party financial audit.  Once the audit is completed and approved by the Board, I will make the results available on our new and improved website.
Earlier this year, I mentioned that transportation was an area that I would pay close attention to over the next few months. Despite numerous adjustments, we still have not been able to break even as gas prices continue to rise.  With that being said, we are forced to revisit the possibility of a price change possibly effective for September 1.  I know how important this service is for the people we serve, which is why I worked every situation before ultimately coming to this conclusion.  More information and personal discussion will happen in the coming days. 
Our Thrift Store has received lots of great items in the past few weeks and would appreciate you stopping by when you get a chance.  You will not be disappointed.
Looking for some entertainment this summer?  The Village is proud to present its fourth annual Lake Houston's Got Talent Show! If you have not attended this event in the past, you have been missing a treat. If you have been to one in the past, you know how much fun it is, and I am sure that you do not want to miss it.  Please contact our Development Manager Erica Badamo ( for more details.  This is the second of three annual fundraising events put on by The Village.
Remember to continue to check in with us via for updated needs and happenings.
Finally, safe travels to everyone travelling this summer while on vacation!  We will keep the light on for you upon your return.
Thanks for all you do!

Operations Update 
By Jessica Bankston, Operations Manager
The Month of July is going to be a great one!
Beginning July 2nd, we started a new schedule. I would like to take a moment to explain what the different classes will include.
Science exploration is a class held once a week. Each class will have their turn to attend. The first 15-20 minutes of the class will include a lesson of the experiment to be performed. The Villagers will then participate in the experiment and have a short discussion about what they learned. Our goal is to have the Villagers learn about science, safety, and problem solving.
Fun with Bats is an 8-week class. It will take place in the gym. The Houston Astros Foundation will be providing balls, bats, gloves, and T’s. Their organization will come and train The Village Staff how to teach the Villagers the fundamentals of baseball. We are hoping to utilize Stoney Glen's back yard on days when it is not too hot or raining. Our goal is to teach hand-eye coordination and how to be a team player. At the end of the 8 weeks, we will be taking a field trip to Minute Maid Park to see an actual baseball game. The clients are very excited about this one!
Recreation is a class held once a week. Each class will have their turn to attend. The first 15-20 minutes will include a lesson about Health and Anatomy. The Villagers will then participate in their choice of activity to include Zumba, basketball, volleyball, soccer, or exercise. Our goal is to teach them how hygiene, diet, and exercise positively effects their lives. We will be taking a field trip to the Health museum, and we will send letters home for that when we get closer to the date.
Life Skills is a class held once a week. Each class will have their turn to attend. During this class, the Villagers will be learning domestic living skills, cooking, time management, and goal setting. Our goal is to introduce and teach a new task each week.
Newspapers is part of our Job Training program. Every Villager will participate every other Tuesday. Our goal is to provide the Villagers with a new training that they can use toward office skills.
Restaurants is part of our Job Training Program. Every Villager will participate every other Tuesday. This will take place in the gym. Villagers will be broken up into groups: cooks, food preparers, servers, bussers, and customers. Our goal is to give the Villagers a broad view of how each part of a restaurant is important and also proper handling of customer service. The staff will teach the Villagers real-life scenarios and how to properly handle those situations.  
The Thrift Store is part of our Job Training program. Villagers from Grow and Achieve will attend The Village Thrift Store once a week. Our goal is to teach the Villagers about retail and customer service.
Shredding, Job Skills is part of our Job Training program. This is a lecture time where the Villagers discuss what they have learned and prepare them for new tasks that they will be performing hands-on.
Please let me know if you have any further questions. We are trying our best to make this a success. Any communication is always valued and appreciated.
As they go through their new classes, please talk to them. Ask what was their favorite and least favorite. Ask what things were difficult or challenging and what things were easy. Our goal is to challenge, but not frustrate. Email me as soon as possible if you have any concerns.
Happy July everyone!!

A Note from Human Resources 
By Karmen Earnheart, Director of Human Resources
Karmen Earnheart became our new Human Resource Director May 24, 2018 after Ashley Rexrode departed for new adventures.
Karmen comes to Texas from Oklahoma.  She has worked for a variety of different companies in Human Resources for over 30 some years.  She is a graduate from SNU with a Bachelor of Science and an MBA from The University of Phoenix.  She has one son that is a Commercial Diver in Louisiana, and three fur babies.
Also please welcome our New Hires for June 2018:
Darlene Collins – Life Skills Instructor
Kaylee Holloway – Life Skills Instructor
Paul Huber – Life Skills Instructor
Kathryn Shufford – Life Skills Instructor
Heidi Vaughan – Administrative Assistant
Development's Developments 
By Erica Badamo, Development Manager
I hope everyone had a fun and safe Fourth of July!
We are just one month away from The Village’s Lake Houston’s Got Talent Show! Do you know a Villager who would like to audition? If so, we are hosting auditions at the Multi-Purpose Center at the end of July! We ask that Villagers come prepared with their musi (if applicable) and any props needed for their performance to allow our committee to enjoy their talent. Music used during the audition does NOT have to be the same as what they will perform during the Talent Show.
We will record all auditions for final committee review and a roster will be posted on The Village website on August 1st.
If you have other friends or family who would like to audition to perform, they can submit their auditions by emailing an attachment or link to a video audition to . Submissions can also be dropped off at the Main Center - bring a flash drive with a video of your audition in an envelope labeled with your name and contact information.
Tables and individual tickets are still available for purchase online! Click here to purchase! 
If you are available to help, we are recruiting volunteers for the Talent Show as well! We need assistance with picking up desserts the day-of from various restaurants in the community, setting up the venue, and event assistance during the show. We would love to have you!
If you are interested or have any questions regarding the Talent Show please email me-!!
Achieving Success! 
By Christina Whaley, Vocational Coordinator
The Achieve Vocational program is off and running this July!
Between working with Chili's, rolling newspapers, shredding and helping at The Village Thrift Store, we are remaining busy.
We are continually rotating Villagers, giving them the opportunity to work with Chili’s, every week classes go for two-hour periods to the Thrift Store. The Villagers are enjoying their time at the Thrift Store and the customers enjoy talking with and seeing the Villagers.
The Grow Pre-Vocational program started rolling newspapers this month as well, and it was really fun to see how excited they were to contribute!  
Stoney's Stories 
By Jennifer Powell, Assistant Residential Manager
June brought Stoney Glen some peace and tranquility. Our residents have fallen into a lovely daily routine.  Many of our evenings after dinner were spent listening to music on the patio, visiting with friends, and some friendly competition until the sun started to set.
Our Saturdays were spent playing Bingo and winning wonderful prizes provided by the NCL or Vince.  The clients really enjoy playing the game, but they love winning those prizes!  They never know what they might walk away with from their games!
We ended our month by celebrating Polly Vara’s birthday!  Everyone had a great time eating her triple chocolate cake and watching her open her gifts.
As always, I want to thank Pastor Mark Renn from First Presbyterian Church of Kingwood for having church volunteers who so generously donate their time every Tuesday. They have supper with us then have a Bible study led by Mrs. Dorene Breach. She has a way of making learning fun and the guys seem to thoroughly enjoy it and her. Stoney Glen is now full, residents are all happy, and life is good.
Medical Update 
By Jessica Bankston, Medical Nurse
Yearly physicals and yearly nursing assessments are going to be sent home this month for those who are due for the next cycle. The dead line for these to be turned in will be September 30th.
I am aware that some of the clients have multiple physicals to fill out for either their provider or special Olympics, and then ours. Please note -  only clients on the Amerigroup waiver program must have their physicals on the 3055 forms. All other waiver programs require a yearly physician-signed physical, which includes current vitals, medications if applicable, diagnosis, restrictions, and allergies.  
Clients who are private must still provide a yearly signed-physician physical per The Village Policy. I am making the effort with filling out the forms as much as possible to help out. The physician always has the ability to change the form to keep it current. Please have those turned in as soon as possible.
Please continue to send an extra set of clothing and personal items for the clients. Please label either the inside of the clothing or bag. We encourage Villagers to bring water bottles daily. Beginning July 1st, the clients began transitioning more often, and we want them to stay hydrated.
I apologize for the delay in the podiatrist. I am working with his staff to set an appointment for him to come out again. Thank you all for your patience.
Please let me know if I can be of any help or support.
The Village’s VIP (“Very Important Parents”) Network is for parents, caregivers and guardians. Our mission is to enhance communication between parents and The Village. We also support The Village’s fundraising/social events for our Villagers held outside of day center hours.
Meetings will resume after summer!
The Special Olympics Lake Houston Hurricanes website is another great way to find more activities for your family. Follow this link to see what's coming up!
 Kingwood Special Needs E-Group
Anyone wanting to get information on special needs activities  should sign up for the Kingwood_Special_Needs E-group by visiting
 or by contacting Kathie Gentry at

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