23/07 — 01/08/2021
Easter E-newsletter
Safe Isolation 
Dear ,
Following on from our postponement announcement last week, we would like to thank those of you who have donated and transferred your seats to our 30th Anniversary. The fact that we can bring Kathryn's program to fruition is fortunate in these conditions. If you are yet to transfer your tickets from 2020 to 2021, please click here. Once again the new dates are 23 July to 1 August 2021.
Our amazing partners at Crittenden Estate and The Ville Resort-Casino are continuing to think of our loyal patrons and have some fantastic offers, please see below.
Take care and stay safe over the Easter break
Warm regards,
The AFCM Team. 

 A message from Kathryn Stott
Dear Music Lovers,

I usually have no trouble knowing where to start with my news but in these absolutely unprecedented times, I hardly know where to begin.
Well, let me try. My first thoughts are that you are all keeping safe and well with some degree of positivity guiding you through the current maze of information and statistics. It is indeed pretty frightening to read the news on any given day of the week - in fact it’s already pretty hard to even know what day of the week it is. With that in mind, I think it is possibly more important than ever to look ahead to happy times and moments in life which we anticipate will have special significance. As most of you will be aware, COVID-19 has hit the music profession extremely hard and not one musician has been spared. It’s really quite amazing that our industry has been brought to its knees in a way no one could have ever imagined. Almost overnight, concerts started to collapse and now we all jointly face months of uncertainty. 
In the UK, resuming concerts in September at first seemed ridiculous but now it would appear miraculous if any music were performed to an audience before then. Of course we don’t know any timelines for sure, but promoters are daily pulling the plug leaving everyone with possibly five months out in the musical cold.

So, it is with the greatest joy, that AFCM was not cancelled, but postponed. Being such a huge ship to steer, this was never going to be a festival that could wait until the very last moment. Can you imagine what it felt like to be staring at this prospect? Just thinking about all the programming and preparation myself and the team have been working on for over a year was not something any of us wanted to see evaporate into thin air. Some celebration that would have been!
When I wrote to our musicians setting out what AFCM were proposing, the overwhelming response was of course disappointment that we weren't going to meet in a few months' time, but what an amazing gesture by the Board to offer this musical lifeline. It goes without saying that I’m very grateful to incoming Artistic Director, Jack Liebeck for giving his blessing and agreeing to defer his program for another year.
So here we are. It has been a big roller coaster of emotions the past few weeks, but I’m happy to think of us all being together in 2021. The festival and musicians alike will need your support more than ever before, so let us all look forward to celebrating everything that AFCM represents; great music, world class musicians, collaboration, friendship and togetherness in the beautiful tropics.
For now, please take care of yourselves, stay well and stay safe. I will be back in touch with you all in June. 

 Supporting the Festival
Like every other arts organisation across Australia, and well beyond, we have been dealing with the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic.  With our postponement announcements made, and re-grouping taking place behind the scenes, here are some of your voices in response. There is a LOT of love for AFCM!  THANK YOU.
‘While obviously so disappointed at missing out on the marvels of the Festival this year we completely understand and support the decision you’ve taken.’
‘Congratulations to all who have managed to rearrange so many things We are REALLY sorry that the AFCM will not happen this year.  We have very much enjoyed it since we first started coming.  We look forward to next year.’
'Thank you so much for your call yesterday & as I said we were expecting the AFCM to be postponed but absolutely thrilled to hear that the 2020 programme will happen in 2021 with Kathy at the helm.’
'Delighted to be of any help possible at this incredibly difficult time, especially for artists. I think your proposed festival looks superb and I’m so glad it can still take place at a later date. ‘
Thanking you and looking forward to AFCM 2021 and giving Kathy Stott a nice big send off as Artistic Director!’
Please stay safe and well and thank you to everyone who is helping AFCM in this very difficult time. You can make a donation online here, or convert some or all of your tickets to a donation by calling 07 4771 4144. 
Here’s to some emotional live music when we all celebrate together next year.
Sue Hackett Philanthropy Manager
Crittenden Estate
Special Offer
To help you through this isolation period, Crittenden Estate is offering a 20% discount across a full range of wines plus FREE delivery Australia wide. 
Purchase 12 bottles of mixed Geppetto wine for $225 (normally $300) or 6 bottles of Geppetto & Pinocchio wine for $117 (normally $156). 
The Ville Resort - Casino
Rate Extension
Our Friends at The Ville are offering the same incredible accommodation rates in 2021.For guests staying a minimum of 9 nights, rates start from $195 per night for two people including full buffet breakfast. 
Anyone currently holding bookings is able to reschedule, or amend their booking from 2020 to 2021.  Simply email to make arrangements.


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