Action on Poverty
A women's brocade group in Da Bac District, Vietnam
Dear ,

What a year! Although we've been dismayed by the impact of COVID-19 on the communities we serve, the generosity of our supporters and resilience of our partners have been truly astonishing.

Thank you for continuing to stand with our vulnerable neighbours abroad through these unprecedented times. With your help, we reached over 370,000 people in 2019-20. Some highlights include:
  • Helping 59,100 people access clean water in Malawi
  • Treating 2,500 children with clubfoot in Bangladesh
  • Treating 100 patients per day at an out-patient clinic in Tanzania
  • Distributing emergency food and hygiene rations to 2,781 students in Zimbabwe
  • Enabling 3,000 people to access micro-finance to start small businesses in Vietnam
  • Helping 282 households establish kitchen gardens and improve livestock production in Kiribati
Please read our Annual Report to view more highlights from a year like no other.

Thank you for your immense support this year. It is indeed a privilege to be part of such a courageous network of selfless people, brought together by our shared vision of a more equal world.

Yours sincerely, 

Brayden Howie

CEO Action on Poverty
Mozambican mother with her baby, harvesting potatoes in the fields
Life-Changing Christmas Gifts

This Christmas, your gifts can do a world of good. Shop our online catalogue now for gifts that will make a real impact on vulnerable communities and on your loved ones. Just $25 can buy a pig for a farmer in Timor-Leste, while $40 can buy a hygiene kit for a family in Mozambique and $150 can upgrade hand-washing facilities at a school in Vietnam.
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Christine and her children in their victory garden
Victory for Female Farmers

Christine, a single mother of two in Malawi, is growing 14 different vegetables in her victory garden. Christine's garden is one of 15,000 gardens created in 2019-20 with support from The Face-to-Face Project, empowering households to increase their food and nutrition security. Christine not only provides healthy meals for her family, but also earns up to $4 per week selling surplus veggies.

When COVID-19 struck in Malawi, schools were closed and parents worried about their children falling behind. Christine used the income from her garden to hire a private tutor to ensure her children continue to receive the education they need to succeed later in life.

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Community members position a water tank in Bobonaro, Timor-Leste
Connecting Communities to Water

This remote community in Bobonaro District, Timor-Leste, is enjoying reliable access to water for the first time, thanks to new water pipes and storage tanks supported by NDY Charitable Trust. The community enthusiastically pitched in, building concrete platforms and shelters for the tanks, which can store over 5,000L.

The system now provides 879 people with water, which includes 144 local households as well as a school, health centre, and chapel. The community is expecting the improved water access to help them increase vegetable and livestock production.
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Mozambican mother with her baby, harvesting potatoes in the fields
Student Health Club in Tanzania

Primary school students in Tanzania have formed a health club with support from our local partner, CORDS, and are taking up good hygiene and sanitation practices as a result. The club also discusses health threats such as COVID-19, cholera, and HIV. 

“We knew little about the spread of diseases, however, right now we are leaning in detail about health and our bodies,” said Boniface, the Health Club Chair. “The knowledge is vital and precious to us health club members and other students.”

This Christmas, you can help more Tanzanian students stay in school and learn important life skills. Read more about the challenges girls face in education and consider giving a Christmas gift to help them stay in the classroom at the link below.
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