Action on Poverty
Left: Damaged vehicles surrounded by mud post-flooding; Right: Two men in masks cleaning up indoor spaces
Dear ,

Before we get into this month's stories from the field, I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has donated to our Timor Flood Appeal. This appeal is supporting our friends at HIAM Health, a Timorese NGO we've worked with for 15 years on nutrition programs for vulnerable children and families. Unfortunately, HIAM lost their nutrition gardens, office/IT equipment, vehicles, and generators in the Easter floods.

Clean-up is underway with the support of staff and volunteers on the ground, but there's a long way to go. A small donation can help cover the cost of emergency repairs and buy new equipment to help our friends get back on their feet and continue their vital work.

Thanks to all of our generous supporters for everything you do to take action on poverty. 

Yours sincerely,

Brayden Howie

CEO Action on Poverty
Tuoi watering her garden
Homestay Owner Wins Business Award

We are so proud to share that Tuoi, who runs a homestay as part of our Community-Based Tourism (CBT) project in Vietnam, has received an Honour Award from the Moc Chau District Authority, recognising her achievements in business and in inspiring her community.

Tuoi upgraded her house into a homestay and attended tourism and hospitality training in 2019. She has also become a gender champion, helping to change attitudes about women in her village. 

“To me, success starts from hardship,” says Tuoi. “But after each difficult experience, it gets easier. That is my motivation to try every day.”
Watch our video about CBT in Moc Chau
Wells Kumwenda from the International Potato Center with Everista in her potato fields
Sharing Sweet Success in Malawi

Sweet potato farmers from Chiradzulu in Malawi recently received a visit from the International Potato Center (CIP), showcasing how they've implemented agriculture training and technology to increase crop production. Everista showed CIP staff how she is growing a fast-maturing sweet potato variety and selling the roots to increase her household income. With the profits, she has purchased mattresses for her family and iron sheets for her house. Her next goal is to buy a cow so she can begin dairy farming to further diversify her income. 
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Community representatives attend hygiene and agriculture training in Kiribati
Promoting Healthy Lifestyles in Kiribati

Representatives from six communities on Kuria Island in Kiribati recently attended a two-part workshop covering hygiene and horticulture. The 36 participants learned about personal and household hygiene, nutrition, and symptoms of common diseases, including COVID-19. The second part of the workshop focused on horticulture techniques and emphasised the importance of a balanced diet to prevent serious health issues. All participants agreed to introduce these concepts to their communities and to check in with government health and agriculture workers monthly on their progress. 
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