May - June 2019
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  • Plan Now to Participate in ACI's Career Development Conference Oct. 4
  • ACI Scholar: Ronnie Davis, Benedictine University
  • Peer Mentoring Program: Tia Dukes, North Central College
  • ACI's Benefit Reception Raises Record Funds to Support Underserved Students
  • ACI Board Elects Executive Committee Leaders, Approves Budget, Business Plan
  • ACI Welcomes Two New Board of Trustees Members
  • ACI Professional Development Conferences Set for June 3 and June 13
  • ACI to Participate in Midwest Roundtable on Talent this Summer
  • ACI Executive Director to Address Illinois Community College Presidents
  • ACI Co-sponsors U.S.-Mexico Higher Education Summit
  • From ACI Corporate Partner RBO Logistix: Achieving Maximum Brand Control in Higher Education
  • Please Save These Dates for Upcoming 2019 ACI Events!
  • Your Gifts to ACI Help Students Earn College Degrees
Plan Now to Participate in ACI’s Career Development Conference, Oct. 4
ACI's Career Development Conference and Employer Expo is Oct. 4 at North Central College.
ACI’s 2019 Career Development Conference and Employer Expo will take place Friday, Oct. 4, at North Central College, Naperville. Open exclusively to students enrolled at ACI member colleges and universities, the event offers top Illinois employers the chance to meet prospective interns and full-time employees in both formal and informal settings. The agenda includes morning and afternoon Employer Expo sessions, a keynote luncheon, and a full day of career development seminars to help students build key career skills.
"We know ACI’s Career Development Conference gives employers the chance to connect with highly qualified men and women who will build Illinois’ future workforce," said ACI Executive Director Mick Weltman. "Participating in the 2019 Career Development Conference is a great strategy for finding the workers employers need to sustain and grow Illinois businesses."
ACI hopes to attract nearly 200 students to the conference from all 27 ACI colleges and universities. Member institutions outside the Chicago metro area will be offered small transportation grants to help defer the cost of bringing students to the event.
The Employer Expo is designed to accommodate up to 50 employers, together with as many as eight graduate programs from ACI member universities. A full menu of sponsorship and partnership opportunities is available for the conference. Each of these opportunities offers significant benefits, including exhibit space at the Employer Expo, access to a networking lounge, tickets to the keynote luncheon and much more. Employers can sponsor one or more of the skill-building seminars, partnering with ACI to develop the curriculum and participate as panel members.
To develop a partnership with ACI for the 2019 Career Development Conference, contact Mick Weltman at 312-263-2391, ext. 1 or
Ronnie Davis
Benedictine University
Ronnie Davis, Benedictine University
CIC/UPS Scholarship
Ronnie Davis is a long way from his home in Orlando, Florida. A student at Benedictine University, Lisle, Illinois, Davis has his sights set on a career in accounting, his major. "I'm pretty good with numbers," he says. "I like numbers, and I like a challenge. So, I felt like that was a nice challenge to go for." After college, Davis hopes to return to the Orlando area, get valuable experience working for an accounting firm and eventually, open his own accounting firm.
One reason he chose Benedictine was the opportunity to play football as an outside linebacker for the Eagles. "I devote at least six days out of seven to football, studying, watching film, being around the guys, weightlifting, everything," he says. "It's a way of life for me."
Another reason he chose Benedictine was the CIC/UPS Scholarship through ACI. That meant leaving his family – not an easy choice, he says -- so he could pursue his dreams. "I come from a single-parent home. I have five other siblings. It was like, 'I need everything I can get in a scholarship.' I related to the scholarship so that's what made it easier for me to put my heart and soul into everything to make sure I got that scholarship," says Davis, who says his family is a strong support for him.
The CIC/UPS Scholarship made a big difference, making it possible for Davis to pay tuition bills so that he could register for new classes. "The scholarship lifted the hold, so I could register for my classes, and fulfill the rest of my classes here at Benedictine," he says. Without it, Davis says he would have had to take out another loan.
Davis is grateful for the donors who made the scholarship possible. "College is a burden. But with the donor's help, it makes it easier for us. So, I would like to thank them," he says.
Tia Dukes
North Central College
ACI Peer Mentoring Program
Tia Dukes, North Central College
When Tia Dukes first came to North Central College in Naperville, Illinois, she knew that there was a lot to learn about being a college student. A first-generation student from West Chicago, Illinois, Dukes was home-schooled and says she was unaware of some things when she first entered college.
"For example, I didn't realize how important an internship is because no one had ever talked to me about an internship before," she says. Much has happened since. An organizational communication major, Dukes would like to work in a higher education career, possibly in a multicultural affairs or study-abroad program.
Dukes describes herself as a dreamer and adventurer. One reason why she went to North Central College is so she could study abroad, which she did in South Korea for a year. That experience was a confidence booster for Duke which she shares as a mentor to freshmen in ACI's Peer Mentoring Program at North Central College. "I think a skill of mine is to encourage people and empower them to be the best version of themselves, and that's what I'm able to bring to the Peer Mentoring Program," she says.
As a college student, Dukes says she learned about how to interact with people and how to understand people, helpful experience as she enters the workforce. "At a small school like North Central you kind of know everyone," she says. "I've gained a more compassion and understanding of people who are different from me. That's something that is very important for especially for a first-generation student to understand."
Dukes encourages donors to give to the Peer Mentoring Program, because she says one person's gift can make a big difference for students who are first-generation and from low-income families.  "It's one scholarship that allowed me to commute from home and continue to go to this school," she says. "It's donors who give for scholarships like this that makes all the difference in the world."
ACI's Benefit Reception Raises Record Funds to Support Underserved Students
Thanks to generous sponsors, donors and attendees, Associated Colleges of Illinois' 2019 Benefit Reception broke previous fundraising and attendance records. The April 12 event at the University Club of Chicago raised more than $110,000 in gross receipts, with 179 attendees, outpacing the past three ACI fundraising events.
Leading Benefit Reception sponsors were Gallagher and Husch Blackwell, both patron-level sponsors. Partner-level sponsors were Aon, Baker Tilly, Don Campbell, Rathje Woodward LLC and Robbin Schwartz. "We are deeply grateful to all who supported our annual fundraiser and ACI's 27 member colleges and universities," said Mick Weltman, ACI executive director. "Proceeds from the Benefit Reception support ACI's scholarshipspeer mentoring on 11 member campuses and career development programs."
Student speakers at 2019 Benefit Reception: Jordan Bruster, left, Jorge Palacios, center, and TaCoya Harris.
Student speakers credit ACI for supporting their college experience
Stories told by student speakers highlighted the evening program. Jordan Bruster, Corpus Christi, Texas, a senior in musical theater at Rockford University, Rockford, said, "I needed an ACI scholarship because my family is not very well off, and Rockford University was the best choice for me. I believe that we would not be able to go to college or pursue a degree and our dreams if it weren't for programs like ACI."
TaCoya Harris, from Peoria, a freshman in the ACI Peer Mentoring Program at North Central College, Naperville, said she has benefited from being a mentee. "What's the point of giving disadvantaged youth the opportunity to go to college if they aren't given the guidance they need when they get there?" asked Harris, a computer science major. "Programs like the ACI Peer Mentoring Program ensure that students like me not only complete our degrees but that we're actually thriving and enjoying our time in college."
Jorge Palacios, Berwyn, is a senior in business management at Concordia University Chicago. As a mentor in the ACI Peer Mentoring Program at Concordia, Palacios said he is grateful for the opportunity to help teach a new generation of students. "I'm always going to be here for them, and the people in this amazing program are always going to be there for them and support them," he said. "Being a mentor for the program has created the best way to end my college career."
Treasurer Frerichs focuses on college education and benefits for Illinois economy 
The evening's Illinois Treasurer Michael W. Frerichs was the featured speaker at the 2019 Benefit Reception.featured speaker, Illinois State Treasurer Michael W. Frerichs, left, told his own story of being a first-generation student at Yale University. Now, as treasurer, Frerichs manages investments for two Illinois college-savings programs, Bright Start and Bright Directions, both of which have earned top ratings from Morningstar.
"I know that if a young person knows they have a savings account in their name, they're three times more likely to go to college," Frerichs said. "If they're first generation, they're seven times more likely to go to college."
"I know how transformative higher education is in the lives of our young people," said Frerichs, noting ACI's focus on first-generation, low-income students. "Make a commitment, because there is intelligence and talent that will benefit all of us if we just give them the opportunities for higher education. It makes a world of difference."
ACI's 2020 Benefit Reception will be held Friday, April 17, at the University Club of Chicago.
ACI Board Elects Executive Committee Leaders, Approves Budget, Business Plan
The ACI Board of Trustees elected officers, committee chairs and at-large members to its Executive Committee when it held its annual meeting April 12, in Chicago. The board also approved the organization's annual business plan and budget for the 2019-2020 fiscal year.
Therese King Nohos, left, and Leslie Sawyer, right, joined the Executive Committee of the ACI Board of Trustees.
Two new members were elected to the Executive Committee for two-year terms. Therese King Nohos, left, Chicago, was elected chair of the ACI Communications Committee. She is a lawyer with Rathje Woodward, where she advises clients on litigation, internal investigations and regulatory matters, including Title IV eligibility. Nohos succeeded Watchen Nyanue as chair. Also joining the Executive Committee as an at-large member was Leslie Sawyer, right, president and CEO of Environmental Design International Inc. (EDI), a Chicago-based civil and environmental engineering firm. Sawyer succeeded Chipo Nyambuya. 
Re-elected to the Executive Committee for two-year terms were officers and committee chairs:
  • Chair, Board of Trustees: Frank Cella
  • President: Jamel SC Wright
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Clifton Fenton
  • Chair, Advancement Committee: Bill Powell
  • Chair, Audit and Investment Committee: Clifton Fenton
  • Chair, Program Committee: Lyn Bulman
  • Chair, Trusteeship Committee: Jerry Murphy 
Board OKs business plan, budget, executive director presents report
The ACI Board of Trustees approved a business plan and $1.5 million budget for fiscal year 2019-2020, and it heard a report on the 2018-2019 fiscal year from ACI Executive Director Mick Weltman. He reported the organization met its programming goals and nearly achieved its fundraising goals. Two new members were added, Illinois Wesleyan University and St. Augustine College. The organization compiled and posted data about member schools, which provide a $3.5 billion economic value to Illinois, he said. ACI also provided 260 scholarships, supported 156 students in its Peer Mentoring Program on 11 campuses and hosted more than 325 people at professional development conferences.
For the new fiscal year beginning June 1, Weltman said ACI's new initiatives include a major gift program, career mentoring for senior students, boot camps to teach career and workplace skills to member college students and a new affiliation with SAGE Scholars. In addition, ACI will host its second Career Development Conference and Employer Expo Oct. 4, at North Central College, Naperville. 
ACI Welcomes Two New Board of Trustees Members
Patty Lindstrom and Mark Summers are new ACI Board of Trustees members.
This spring, the ACI Board of Trustees welcomed two new members, Patty Lindstrom, left, and Bradley P. Summers, right. Their addition brings to the board's membership to 38 trustees.
Lindstrom is chief executive officer of Creative Logic, Inc., Chicago, a strategic branding and marketing firm established in 1994. She is also founder of Living the Brand® Academy and Innovation Foundry, which works with leaders and their teams to create purpose-driven, human-centered business models focused on strategy and innovation. 
Summers is a financial advisor with Wells Fargo, Chicago. He has extensive experience in wealth management, commercial banking at a New York money center bank and as an investment banker. His work focuses on family wealth preservation, philanthropic giving, retirement planning, succession planning and business ownership transfers. 
ACI Professional Development Conferences Set for June 3 and June 13
ACI spring conferences are June 3 and June 13
ACI will host a multi-track professional development conference June 3 at Monmouth College, Monmouth, and cohost a June 13 conference for communications, marketing and public relations staff at Augustana College, Rock Island.
The June 3 conference is for college professionals in advancement, finance and student engagement. Keynote speaker is Dr. Denise Douglas, dean of social sciences and human Services, Lorain County Community College, Elyria, Ohio. About 60 attendees are expected. Registration closed May 27. Click here for program details.
For communicators, ACI is partnering with the Augustana College Office of Communication and Marketing for its Summer Get-Together Thursday, June 13. Presentations include artificial intelligence and its implications for communications, communicating with Gen Z, diversity and inclusion in higher education communications and more. As many as 150 communicators are expected, from Illinois, Iowa, Michigan and Wisconsin. Click here for program details and registration.
ACI to Participate in Midwest Roundtable on Talent this Summer
Mackinac Island, Michigan
ACI will participate in the Midwest Roundtable on Talent, June 30 - July 2, at the iconic Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island. The program is a gathering of private higher education and corporate leaders whose purpose is to foster collaboration in preparing students for successful careers. 
The Roundtable is without peer in private higher education and positions participating universities and colleges as pacesetters nationally in developing college-educated talent prepared to meet the demands of the 21st century workplace. Important new initiatives are forged each year from this high-profile event, fostering collaboration among campuses and across sectors.
The 2019 program will engage more than 60 signature companies and 44 academic institutions in an array of presentations, panels and symposia. Representatives from Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin will attend. Seven ACI presidents are scheduled to attend as well as corporate leaders from Illinois. 
ACI Executive Director to Address Illinois Community College Presidents
Mick Weltman, ACI executive director
ACI Executive Director Mick Weltman, left, will speak to a meeting of the Illinois Council of Community College Presidents, June 6, in Itasca, Illinois.
Weltman will speak about ACI and its work, and discuss ways ACI and the Illinois community college leaders can work on higher education initiatives. He will also address strengthening ties between community colleges and ACI's 27 member colleges and universities, where many community college students continue their educations.
The presidents' meeting is at the Westin Chicago Northwest, beginning at 1 p.m.
ACI Co-sponsors U.S.-Mexico Higher Education Summit
More than 50 higher education leaders participated in the U.S.-Mexico Higher Education Summit, organized by CIC.
ACI co-sponsored the U.S.-Mexico Higher Education Summit in Chicago April 24-27. The event was organized by The Council of Independent Colleges, Washington, D.C. More than 50 higher education leaders from the U.S. and Mexico held discussions on innovation in internationalization, student-faculty exchange programs, cross-border agreements, global leadership and undocumented students.
The group also learned about or visited several ACI members, including Augustana College, Dominican University, right, North Central CollegeNorth Park University and Rockford University.
From ACI Corporate Partner RBO PrintLogistix
Achieving Maximum Brand Control in Higher Education
A Brand Management Perspective
In the world of branding, there are basically three elements required to make an identity come to life: development, implementation, and management.

Whether your business is B2B, B2C, non-profit, healthcare, or higher education, executing your business identity takes attention to detail and planning for the big picture. Here at RBO, we have the talent and experience to accomplish all three levels of branding, but this article will focus on the third stage: brand management. 
Please Save These Dates for Upcoming ACI Events!
  • Monday, June 3, 2019: ACI Spring Conference, Monmouth College, Monmouth. For advancement, finance and student engagement professionals at ACI member colleges and universities.
  • Thursday, June 13, 2019: Summer Get-Together, Sponsored jointly by Augustana College, Rock Island, and ACI. For communications, marketing and public relations professionals. 
  • Friday, Oct. 4, 2019: ACI Career Development Conference and Employer Expo, North Central College, 30 N. Brainard St., Naperville.
  • Friday, Nov. 1, 2019: ACI Fall Conference, Chicago, location TBD. For advancement, communications, finance and student engagement professionals at ACI member colleges and universities.
  • Thursday, Nov. 7, 2019: HR, Diversity and Inclusion Officers Breakfast, University Club of Chicago.
  • Thursday, Jan. 16, 2020: Wealth Advisors Breakfast, University Club of Chicago.
Your Gifts to ACI Help Students Earn College Degrees
Consider supArticle Imageporting ACI's mission with financial gifts! Your gifts make a difference for many underserved college students attending ACI-affiliated institutions across Illinois. To learn more, watch these students tell their stories, including how ACI scholarships make a difference in their lives.
You may designate your gift for scholarships for first-generation, low-income college students, or for support of the ACI Peer Mentoring Program, which helps first-generation students through the critical first year in college on the way to earning a degree. You can also provide ACI Named Scholarships to deserving students in honor of individuals, businesses or organization.
ACI welcomes online gifts at any time. For more information about giving to ACI, contact Mick Weltman, ACI executive director, at 312-263-2391, ext. 1, or write to Financial gifts may be tax deductible.
 Augustana College - Benedictine University - Blackburn College - Concordia University Chicago
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Illinois Wesleyan University - Judson University - Knox College - Lewis University - McKendree University
Millikin UniversityMonmouth College - North Central College - North Park University - Olivet Nazarene University
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