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February 2020
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 Healthy Lifestyle 
  • Maintain your ideal weight
  • Physical activity
    • Walk, jog, dance, bike, swim - or whatever you like to do
    • Get up and move every hour

  • Diet
    • Eat lots of fresh vegetable and fruits of every color, whole grains, beans
    • Avoid sugar, processed meats, junk foods
    • Limit/eliminate alcohol intake
  • Do not smoke or use tobacco products
  • Avoid risky behavior
“After 36 years of fighting fire - I heard the dreaded “C” word - CANCER - My immediate response was “Why me?” 
"At my first oncology orientation I was given the Bag It bag. My first thought was “Darn another commercial to sit through, however the realization sank in that the Bag It bag was to help myself and family cope with this new situation.” In going through the Bag It bag, all the content was really helpful. There was so much that I learned and many things I never realized I needed to know."

Two years ago, Ed reached out to Bag It with the offer of giving back. He wanted to donate handcrafted items to the hike. “I like making things so this way I can do what I love and give back to Bag It!”
Bag It Educates, Supports, and Empowers those impacted by cancer. 

We help patients, caregivers, and cancer advocates to Fight the Fear of Cancer through our two key programs: the Bag It bag and Escape to THRIVE. The bag helps anyone with any type of cancer to cope with their diagnosis and become active members of their treatment team. Escape to THRIVE is a national leadership conference to support cancer advocates.

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