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March 2020
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Do you know your Family Health History?

A little detective work can go far to uncover clues about how the health of your family members shapes your personal health today and into the future. A Family Health History is a record of the conditions and diseases that have affected first- and second-degree relatives on both sides of your family. While it can’t predict your future health, sharing this important information with your doctor can provide insights, help identify patterns in your family, and better understand potential risks (higher AND lower) for diseases that
may run in your family. This could
include cancer, heart disease, stroke and diabetes.
In most cases, early diagnosis & treatment = better health outcome. Every family is different. Knowing as much as possible about its health history empowers you and your entire family to take action to reduce personal risk – including doctor-recommended screening tests, potential genetic testing, and making healthy lifestyle changes.
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Bag It Educates, Supports, and Empowers those impacted by cancer. 

We help patients, caregivers, and cancer advocates to Fight the Fear of Cancer through our two key programs: the Bag It bag and Escape to THRIVE. The bag helps anyone with any type of cancer to cope with their diagnosis and become active members of their treatment team. Escape to THRIVE is a national leadership conference to support cancer advocates.

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