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In-Kind Needs
- Postage stamps
- Colored copy paper
- Empty printer cartridges (we can turn into Staples for credit)
- Bottled water
- Cleaning items (Lysol, air freshener, Swiffer pads, Clorox wipes, etc.)
- Garbage bags (all sizes)
- Computer monitors (24 inch or larger)
- White canes
- Hand truck/rolling cart/dolly
- Executive office chairs
Public Safety Services 
BCB joined Independence Place this month to present Public Safety Services in Lexington to our consumers! Thanks to everyone who attended! 
We learned a lot from our wonderful speakers. Did you know the fire department provides free fire alarms and installation for Lexington residents? They will also do a free home safety survey! If you're interested in this, call them at 859-231-5668. 
We also learned about Smart911.com. When you sign up for Smart 911, you enter as much or as little personal information as you want. It can include pictures, home layout, blood type, any disabilities anyone in the household may have, medications that are vital, or anything else first responders would need to know. You then register cell phones in your household to your account. When any of those phones call 911, the first responders receive your information to help them respond appropriately to the call for help.
It is a private and secure service and your information is only available to the first responders if you dial 911. No one is able to look up your profile and personal information. For more information about Smart911, visit their website by clicking here. If you would like to sign up for Smart911 and would like assistance, contact us at 859-259-1834 or contact Independence Place at 859-266-2807.
Image: Todd Holman and Captain Chris Bartley from the Lexington Fire Department
Image: Police Sgt. Josh Yahr
speaker sgt. josh yahr
Photos courtesy of Dave Wickstrom, Independence Place Executive Director
Let's Celebrate! 
Join the Lexington Human Rights Commission as they celebrate 25 years of the Americans with Disabilities Act! This event will feature presentations by experts from the nonprofit, government, and employment sectors.
July 30th
1pm to 3pm
Doors Open at 12:30
LexArts 161 N. Mill Street
Free and open to the public
This event is made possible with funding by the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The event is also co-sponsored by EEO Advantage, LLC and the Commission for Citizens with Disabilities. 
Adventures in the Lone Star State 
Theresa Thomas, Executive Director, Susan Ament, Peer Support Coordinator, and Members Paula Wiese, Adam Ruschival and Carla Ruschival all attended the American Council of the Blind (ACB) Convention in Dallas last week! They learned so much and Theresa, Susan, Adam, and Carla will be sharing their experiences at our Peer Support Group Meeting this month on Wednesday, July 22nd! Lunch will start at noon and the presentation begins at 1pm. 
Image: ACB general session
Image: John McCann, ACB Board Member, and Theresa
Image: Theresa at the Frontiers of Flight Museum
Image: Susan, Shirley Stivers (DKM First-Timers Award, Kentucky Council of the Blind Member), and Theresa at the Lone Star Loot Auction
Image: Theresa, Paula, Charlie Glaser, President of the Council of Citizens with Low Vision International, and Susan at dinner
Image: Adam, Theresa, and Carla at the Lone Star Loot Auction
Image: Susan, Adam, and Shirley at the Friday morning general session elections
Image: Theresa representing BCB and voting on a constitution By-law amendment 
July Topic of the Month - Self-Advocacy
Wednesday, July 22nd - Peer Support Group Meeting - Presentation on Self-Advocacy by Carla Ruschival of the Kentucky Council of the Blind. Carla, Adam Ruschival, Theresa Thomas, BCB Executive Director, and Susan Ament, BCB Peer Support Coordinator will also be speaking about attending the American Council of the Blind Conference. We will have lunch from noon to 1pm and the presentation will be from 1pm to 2pm at the BCB office - 1093 S. Broadway Ste 1230 Lexington. 
Monday, July 27th - Community Outing to Joseph-Beth Booksellers located at 161 Lexington Green Circle. We will meet in the Bronte Bistro inside Joseph-Beth at noon for lunch and attendees are welcome to shop in the bookstore after lunch, if they wish. Volunteers are needed to assist people with low to no vision with shopping. If you are interested, please contact the office at 859-259-1834.
Please RSVP for any event you plan to attend at least two days in advance - 859-259-1834 : info@bcbky.org
Wheels passes will be provided as reimbursement for members who pay for Wheels transportation to and from BCB events.
Member Birthdays 
Jill Sawyer - July 16th
Laura Dake - July 21st
Marlene Thompson - July 29th
Philip Rose - August 10th
Peggy Holt - August 10th
Chelsey Keesy - August 16th
Naomi Dooley - August 20th
Kathryn Carpenter - August 20th
Brenda Schanding - August 24th
Fred Ament III - August 25th
member birthdays
Recent Donors 
Olive Christmyer
Dorothy Finch
Pauline Handy
Gary & Peggy Knack
Ty & Jan Thompson

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