PROTEST RALLY: Say NO to Amnesty International's decriminalization of
pimps and johns

Tell Amnesty International decriminalizing prostitution harms victims and protects pimps and johns!

ACTION: Rally at Amnesty International 2014 Conference

WHEN: Friday, April 4th at 5:00 p.m.

WHERE:  151 W. Adams St.
              Chicago, Illinois 60603

WHO: Join Attorney General Lisa Madigan, Cook County Commissioner Bridget Gainer, and CAASE

Amnesty International is meeting in Chicago this week. 
On their agenda: Voting on a policy that the purchase of sex should be decriminalized, supposedly as a way to protect the lives of those who are bought for sex, but in reality decriminalizing prostitution does nothing to change the power dynamic between the men who buy sex and the (mostly very desperate) women and girls who are purchased. 
The better way to empower those exploited in prostitution: make the criminal justice system focus its resources on deterring and punishing the pimps and “johns” whose sexual and financial profits are the root cause of all prostitution and sex trafficking.
Join CAASE, Attorney General Lisa Madigan, Cook County Commissioner Bridget Gainer, and others at a rally outside the conference to urge Amnesty International members to  VOTE NO on decriminalizing the purchase of sex. Human rights organizations should stand with people who are being abused—NOT the pimps and customers of sex.

Make a Call:
Call Amnesty International's local offices and tell them to
VOTE NO on the decriminalization of pimps and johns.

Chicago: 312-427-2060

Washington D.C.: 202-544-0200

New York: 212-807-8400

Talking Points:
1. Amnesty International’s mission is to fight injustice and promote human rights:
  • purchasing sex is not a “human right”
  • deterring men from treating women as objects for sale is not an “injustice”
2. Most people who are purchased in the sex trade are there because they have no other options for survival. They should not be prosecuted, but the men who sexually benefit from their desperate circumstances should be.
3. Men who buy sex are the root cause of all prostitution. Without “johns” there would be no prostitution or sex trafficking.
See complete list of talking points here >>

Help us send a clear message by using these slogans to make posters for the rally:
  • "Prostitution is NOT a Victimless Crime."
  • "People are NOT Commodities"
  • "Human Rights, not Consumer Rights: Sex Buyers don't Deserve Protection"
  • "Stand with the Exploited - Not with the Exploiters"
  • "Pimps and Johns are CRIMINALS"
  • "Good Men Don't Buy Sex"
  • "Buying Sex = Exploiting Desperation"
  • "Prostitution = Oppression, Not Profession"
  • "If Prostitution Were Legalized, Could Unemployed Women Refuse to Work in a Brothel?"
  • "Arrest the Buyers, Not the Bought"
  • "Empower the Powerless, Not the Powerful"
  • "Men Deserve Better than the "Right" to Purchase Sex"
  • "Legalizing the Purchase of Sex Sends the WRONG Message to Boys"
  • "How Many of Today's Girls are we Willing to Cosign to Prostitution Tomorrow?"
Let your voice be heard using social media. Be sure to tweet using the tags: #QuestionsforAmnesty #Amnesty2014, and @amnesty

Sample Tweets:
  • I stand for equal justice, dignity, and freedom, do you? VOTE NO on Decriminalization of Pimps and Johns #Amnesty2014 #QuestionsforAmnesty
  • @amnesty Do you think women should be put up for sale? I don't #Amnesty2014 #QuestionsforAmnesty
  • People are not merchandise, @amnesty, do you still stand for human rights? #QuestionsforAmnesty #Amnesty2014
  • Do you know why you should punish pimps and traffickers? I do #QuestionsforAmnesty
  • Are pimps and johns the ones who need protecting? #QuestionsforAmnesty #Amnesty2014
  • 95% of prostituted women report CSA. Wouldn't the sex industry fall apart without pedophiles? #QuestionsforAmnesty
  • What do survivors have to say? Prostitution is oppression, not profession  #QuestionsforAmnesty #Amnesty2014

Amnesty International says they work to protect people wherever justice, truth, dignity, and freedom are denied. This proposed policy fully contradicts the organization's stated mission.

The use of women and girls, or boys and men, in the sex trade is an affront to dignity. Sanctioning the purchase of humans for sex will not improve the lives of those who are prostituted. 

It is critical to deter and hold accountable those whose conduct is the root cause of all prostitution and sex trafficking: the men who buy sex.          

Survivors tell us why we shouldn't legalize buying sex:


Read Joy Smith's letter to Amnesty International:

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