March 2015
Greetings from the wetland!
Our March eNews has a little bit of everything...from voting on Canada's national bird to beavers and water pumps and dykes...and then some info on the upcoming Creston Valley Bird Fest and an article from one of our project supporters as to why they feel it is important to support the CVWMA...
We hope you enjoy the read!
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Carla Ahern
Director of Communications, Stewardship and Education
Donor in the Spotlight
We wanted to highlight some of our recent project and program supporters in our print and email publications over the next months, so here are some words from the Creston Kootenay Foundation on why they feel it is important to support the CVWMA...
Submitted by Signe Miller, Creston Kootenay Foundation
The mission of the Creston Kootenay Foundation (CKF), founded in 2004, in part, is to encourage the increased flow of resources to community needs.
One of its primary goals is to preserve and protect our environment. To this end, one of the foundation’s roles is to provide leadership on issues of broad concern to area residents. The Creston Valley Management Area is a valued entity in this valley, providing education, tourism and recreation for all ages.
To protect this resource for the future, education is the key. The foundation is pleased to have granted funds totalling $2200 over the last few years, toward the Junior Naturalists program, getting children out into the marsh to develop a lifelong love of nature.
CKF is excited to support yet another community group who contribute to the quality of life in Creston and area. Any non-profit organization is invited to apply for CKF grant monies, generated from the investment of donations. A community foundation allows donors to see the benefits of their gifts used locally.
To find out more about donating, or to apply for grants, please visit the CKF website:
CVWMA Donates Pump to Duck Lake Dyking District
Article Image
In 2014, the CVWMA decommissioned a pump and associated electrical equipment located at the southeast corner of Duck Lake. The pump had not been used in decades and did not meet requirements for pumping at any other location within the CVWMA.
After chatting with the Duck lake Dyking District (DLDD), it was determined that the pump would be very useful to them for their water removal and flood control issues.
So, the CVWMA was happy to donate the pump to the DLDD and see it put to good use.
Pictured at right is Don Bjarnason, CVWMA’s Field Operations Technician (left) and James Kemp of the DLDD (right) as they loaded the pump onto a flatbed truck for transport.
The Beaver
By Carla Ahern
The ability of animals to physically adapt to their surroundings in order to survive, to adapt to pretty well any condition on earth, is an amazing feat to say the least.

When I think about our local wetland and the myriad of creatures that have fine-tuned their abilities to live and thrive in this wet environment, the one animal that stands out to me, that is well adapted to live here, is the beaver.
The beaver not only has the ability to adapt to life in a wetland, they actually have the ability to alter their environment, to create habitat that suits their needs. They actually can create wetlands! No other creature on earth, except the human, makes such large-scale changes to manipulate and change their environment. Because of this, they are deemed nature’s engineer. It is a beaver’s natural instinct to want to build. Whether or not it does so with intelligent reasoning is something to ponder…
Read more of the article here.
Creston Valley Bird Fest
The Wildlife Centre will reopen for the season on Saturday, May 9th.  This coincides with the 3rd Annual Creston Valley Bird Festival.
Registration for the Bird Fest opens March 9th!  To find out more about the festival please click here.
Dyke Closure at Duck Lake
The Duck Lake cross dyke off Channel Rd has been temporarily closed to vehicle traffic due to poor conditions.  The dyke is currently quite soft and muddy and vehicle traffic at this point would negatively impact the dyke surface.  The road will remain closed until dyke conditions improve.  We will monitor it closely and have the road open to vehicle traffic as soon as it is feasible to do so.  Pedestrian traffic is welcome.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at (250) 402 6900.  Visit our News page on our website for updates.
Canadian Geographic - Vote for Canada's National Bird!!
What!?  We don't have a national bird!!  Well the people at Canadian Geographic thought that was silly too so they created the National Bird Project that aims to give Canadians the opportunity to vote for a species they believe would best represent them and their land (and skies).  You can view the list of candidates (or nominate your own) and vote for your favourite by visiting their website.  What will Canada's national bird be?

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