Due to the passion and enthusiasm of many individuals, this 7,000-hectare wetland habitat was set aside in 1968 to protect vital habitat for waterfowl - an area for them to feed, rest and raise young. Today, the diversity of wildlife that use the area is staggering with just under 400 species of wildlife recorded here.
While the benefits to wildlife remain significant, the wetland also plays a vital role in flood and erosion control, water purification, groundwater recharge and climate change mitigation and it provides amazing recreational opportunities.
Recent years have brought some new and impending changes to the CVWMA, but what remains the same is the commitment to the wetland; to continue to manage the Area for conservation and natural species diversity through active habitat and wildlife management, research and education. So while change might be in the air, it is business as usual for 2015.
We invite you to be a part of our team, dedicated to keeping this wetland alive and sustainable for generations to come. By making a contribution to the conservation and management of this unique wetland ecosystem you, along with many others, are recognizing the important role that wetlands play in sustaining life and a healthy planet.
We hope that you will support us in 2015 with a financial donation to help us continue to manage this internationally recognized wetland.
Priority projects for 2015 include:
  1. Continued active management of the wetland ecosystem with focus on: infrastructure upgrades; research initiatives and partnerships; and stewardship
  2. Continued delivery of our successful hands-on environmental education programs and events at the Wildlife Interpretation Centre
The CVWMA is a registered federal charity and we will issue a tax receipt for all donations received.
From our family to yours, Happy Holidays!
Your CVWMA Team…
Marc-Andre, Carla, Pamela and Don
Your donation will make
priority wetland management
and education projects
a reality in 2015

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