January 2015
Winter is officially upon us here at the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area.  We have had our fair share of snow and cold temperatures but nothing we all, wildlife included, can't handle!
We appreciate your interest in the happenings at the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area and hope you enjoying reading some of our updates and articles below.
Happy reading!
New!  Winter Wetlander Newsletter Now Available!
Our Fall/Winter Wetlander newsletter is ready for you to peruse!  Take a look!
Some highlights include: Notes from the field, Sirdar/Duck lake access improvements, Interpretation Centre Committee Update, Wildlife Centre season review, project donor article (TD Friends of the Environment), Wildlife tree quiz and much more.
View new Wetlander by clicking here.
Thank You for Your Support!
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We are so grateful for your support and interest in the CVWMA this past year.  We received many donations in response to our annual ask campaign in December.  Many people came forward to help support our priority projects for 2015.
If you would like to lend your support, you can click here to make an online donation on our secure form on our website.  The CVWMA is a registered federal charity and we will issue a tax receipt for your donation.
Our priority projects for 2015 are:
  1. Continued active management of the wetland ecosystem with focus on: infrastructure upgrades, research initiatives and partnerships and stewardship
  2. Continued delivery of our successful hands-on environmental education programs and events at the Wildlife Centre.
 Thank you again for your support!
Fishing.  Keeping the Tradition Alive.
By Carla Ahern
I grew up on Vancouver Island, the daughter of a fisheries biologist. Needless to say, fishing was a part of life. I remember heading out on our boat with my Dad in the early morning hours to catch salmon around the islands off the Nanaimo harbour. We would troll for hours, catching one fish, then having to catch its brother, aunts and uncles and cousins twice removed. I remember loving to touch the slippery skin and marveling at the way the sunlight made the scales sparkle. I also remember being the one who was keen to wack the fish on the head with a wooden club...
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Wildlife Centre
Wildlife Centre will reopen for the season on Saturday, May 9th.  This coincides with the 3rd Annual Creston Valley Bird Festival.
To find out more about the festival please click here.
2013 Annual Report
To view the CVWMA's 2013 Annual Report, please click here.

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