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NEWS from Haiti
April 2013
Rara Festival continues in spite of hardships 
"Rara" is a special Haitian street festival during Easter Week. The music centers on bamboo trumpets called "vaksen" as well as drums, maracas, and güiros.  Of course the music is loud and the dancing is lively - a welcome distraction from the daily hardships for the average Haitian family!  But also a reminder of the amazing resilience and spirit of the Haitian people - who recognize that life is always worth celebrating, no matter how difficult.
Leogane, where Deep Springs has its national office in Haiti, has the most famous of all Rara Festivals in the country.   The staff of our Leogane office participated by putting up large banner stands, marching in the parade in our full-sized paper mache' Gadyen Dlo (chlorine) Bottle, sporting our straw hats with our logo, and also presenting our message to the audience via large screen projection.  
Partnership with French NGO a success! 
Our partnership with the French organization ACTED, which was launched several months ago, has been a great success.  All 500 targeted families have now received their Buckets of Life and have been trained in the proper way to treat their water using our Gadyen Dlo brand chlorine solution.
Supervisors are managing 7 new Health Agents who are visiting the families to test their water quality, encourage good health practices and re-fill their chlorine bottles.   The geographic area for this outreach is the "Plains of Leogane" area.
Did You Know....? 

Native Haitians were part of the Amerindians tribe called Taíno, “the good people.” The Taíno named the land on the western side of Hispanola “Ayiti,” meaning “Land of Mountains”—a term that evolved into “Haiti.”


Every eight seconds a child dies from drinking dirty water. (foodandwaterwatch.org)
Ritter speaks at Yale 
Michael Ritter, CEO of Deep Springs, was recently a speaker at a conference at Yale University in Boston.
The theme of the event, targeting nonprofit organizations, public health officials and academics, was "Global Health and Entrepreneurship" - right up our alley!    Many social enterprises, like Deep Springs, were invited to participate.
This annual event gives us the unique opportunity to network with other organizations interested in Haiti and to explore opportunities for collaboration and partnership.
Earth Day
For Earth Day, Deep Springs celebrated by reminding our supporters and the public of the importance of water.   A resource that is so common, coering 71% of the earth's surface, that it has been taken for granted.   That is, until recently.  Water is quickly moving to the forefront of environmental concerns, and for good reason.
We typically think of polution as the main area of concern.  But in countries like Haiti, deforestation is the main culprit.  Haiti, once part of an island of lush tropical jungle, is now almostly completely deforested.  The connection between forests and water supply has been clear to scientist for a long time - once those trees are gone, no only is there less rainfall, but the surface water changes also, as vegetation and topsoil are lost.   Families who once had a reliable spring or small stream nearby, now have to walk two hours each way to fetch water.
Our focus on water, making sure that drinking water in the home is safe, is of key importance.  But we also collaborate with other initiatives that help families improve their source of water.   In addition, Haitians are learning the hard lesson about how important those trees area.   Most rural Haitians still cut trees to produce charcoal for cooking - and this is the primary reason for deforestation in the past 50 years.   We are supportive of all reforestation projects in Haiti, recognizing this as a key step in helping Haitians stabalize their water sources.
In This Issue
The Buckets are Here! 
We are so excited to be launching our new program, Buckets of Life!   At just $34, this is a simple and affordable way for individuals, families, and even groups like classes, scout troops, etc. to help struggling families with water purification systems they need to improve their health.
So start saving those pennies... because it only cost 3 cents a day to provide safe water for a family!!!
Purchase a Bucket of Life NOW and give the gift of clean water!

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