Where there is water....there is life!
MAY 21, 2013
Check your Mail Box
(Yes, the real one in front of your house!)
If we have your physical mailing address, then there is a good chance that the Annual Campaign mailing is arriving this week, and may have even come today!   For those of you who prefer to send checks, this mailing contains your PLEDGE FORM and a helpful PLEDGE REMINDER to help you track your monthly or quarterly pledges.
If you do not receive the mailing, don't feel left out.  You can give online anytime....even setting up pledges on a monthly basis or other frequency.
Campaign Overview
After exceeding our 2012 Campaign goals, we decided to get an early start this year…because we have set a goal to help even more Haitian families this year!

  • 13,000 new families targeted for a total of almost 80,000 families served
  • $34 provides a Bucket of Life™ and chlorine treatment for a family for 3 years
  • Program includes education, monitoring via home visits, and sustainability measures

That’s life and health for almost 400,000 children and parents!  It's a huge goal, but together we can do this!
How to become a Major Donor
We are very confident that one of our top partners is going to come through for $100,000 or more.  And we are working with a number of our key corporate partners to sponsor at $25,000 and $50,000.  So where does that leave the rest of us?

Perhaps you never considered yourself a “$1,000 Donor.”  But think about it this way… $1,000 is only $2.74 a day.  With just a little penny pinching, you can help 29 families for three years!

Perhaps you could never envision yourself as a “$5,000 Donor.”  But again, let’s break it down….$5,000 is only $13.70 a day.   If you and your spouse usually go out for lunch…well there it is!  147 families drinking clean healthy water.   So “average folks” like you and me can make a huge impact too!

Regardless of the amount, we hope that you will get involved in the Annual Campaign as much as possible - knowing that, AT JUST 3 CENTS A DAY, clean water for a Haitian family costs literally pennies.

If you have questions about the programs or the $650,000 Campaign Goal, please contact us.  Thank you again for saving lives and improving health in Haiti!  The difference is clear.

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