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NEWS from Haiti
July 2013
Hurricane Season quickly approaching 
Deep Springs prepares for more cholera
The tiny island nation of Haiti has more cholera than all other countries combined!  And with cholera being a water-bourne disease, hurricanes mean bad news for Haiti.  Most years Haiti is hit by at least one hurricane or major tropical storm.   As the poorest and least developed nation in the western hemisphere, Haiti is also one of the least prepared to handle such natural disasters.
As we witnessed the horrible outbreak of cholera in the wake of the 2010 earthquake, we want to help avoid another 8,000 senseless deaths.   So as we prepare our distribution teams, and gear up for the potential demand for more chlorine to provide safe drinking water, please do all you can to help Deep Springs to have the financial and product reserves necessary to save lives.
Thank you for helping to build local disaster response capacity!  Because in the hour of crisis, there is no time for fund raising campaigns, or importation of relief supplies.  That's why we produce our water treatment systems and products locally and have a permanent and local distribution team!
Annual Campaign almost halfway! 
UNICEF provides unique 5:1 leverage
UNICEF's recent commitment of $239,000 for an expansion project is not only good news for 13,000 additional Haitian families we will serve this year - but it's good news for Deep Springs donors who now have a unique opportunity to leverage their investment over five to one.   That's because the UNICEF grant requires a "match" of of only $51,000 in order to receive the $239,000.
This development is moving us quickly towards our goal of over $650,000!
If you or your company or organization have not yet had time to respond, please contact us soon to help us raise the $51,000 in the month of July!   To discuss campaign options (including PR options for organizations), please contact Development Director Steve Bostian at 828.773.7242.
Make an online donation with option of monthly or quarterly gifts.
Get a copy of the pledge form and pledge reminder emailed to you.
Did You Know....? 
A typical Haitian makes just $2.75 a day and unemployment is over 70% (Note: most of the families we serve live on $1 to $2 a day)


 More people have a mobile phone than a toilet. (WHO/UNICEF)

New Dashboard to track our Impact 
Starting this year, we have established a new standardized Dashboard to track Key Performance Indicators.   Look for these on our website...just another level of transparency we have added as we work towards our goal of providing clean water for all 900,000 poor rural families in Haiti!
Quarter 1 Results:
New Board Members 
We are pleased to announce the election of two new Board Members:
Debra van Holst
Debra lives in Pittsburgh, PA with her husband and son.  She is currently the Director of Business Operations for NOVA Chemicals Polyethylene business. Debra graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. She joined NOVA Chemicals in 1994, after working for DuPont Canada.  She has leadership experience in many aspects business including, manufacturing, operations, new product development, marketing,  management, investor relations, new business development, quality, and supply assurance.

John Ginda
John is a 1980 graduate of Purdue University. He has been employed by Farm Bureau Insurance for 31 years and currently works as a Claims Manager.  John lives in West Lafayette Indiana with his wife and attends St Thomas Aquinas Church where he is past president of their Haiti Ministry Board.  John has done volunteer work in Haiti since 2001 and has traveled there numerous times
Welcome John and Debra and thank you for your service to struggling families in Haiti!
In This Issue
The Buckets are Here!
We are so excited to be launching our new program, Buckets of Life!   At just $34, this is a simple and affordable way for individuals, families, and even groups like classes, scout troops, etc. to help struggling families with water purification systems they need to improve their health.
So start saving those pennies... because it only cost 3 cents a day to provide safe water for a family!!!
Purchase a Bucket of Life NOW and give the gift of clean water!
The impact of clean water?
Their smiles tell it all!

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