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NEWS from Haiti
August 2013
Veteran Health Agent Honored 
Gangarosa Sustainability Award goes to Eveline Camille
We are proud to announce that one of our long-time health agents, Madame Eveline Camille will be receiving the coveted Gangarosa Sustainability Award.   The Gangarosa International Health Foundation, founded by Dr. Eugene Gangarosa of Emory's Rollins School of Public Health, offers this $1,000 award to encourage the sustainability of research projects promoting safe water and sanitation in developing countries.
Madame Eveline had served her community of Jolivert Haiti for years as a head water technician so when Deep Springs took over the production and distribution of the Gadyen Dlo brand chlorine solution in 2006, she became one of the first and most vital members of our team.   
Her hard work, dedication and innovative approaches have helped to develop the Deep Springs model.   In one of the early studies it was evident that visiting the families to encourage good hygiene, test water samples and reinforce the importance of properly chlorinating drinking water was the key factor that distinguished great results from not-so-good results.  Michael Ritter puts it this way, "We discovered that where Madame Eveline visited families, the kids did not get sick....but where she was not able to visit, the sicknesses continued."   Home visits then became a key part of our methodology.
Annual Campaign affected by summer slump! 
We need all donors to avail the 5:1 match
Although we almost hit the halfway point in July, like most nonprofits, Deep Springs experienced the "summer slump" and the campaign plateaued.   All donors are needed to participate, regardless of the size of the donation....with small monthly installments set up via our automated online system being the best way to maximize your impact.
And don't forget you now have a unique opportunity to leverage your investment over five to one.   That's because the UNICEF grant requires a "match" of only $51,000 in order to receive the $239,000.
Summer is a time to take a break and get away from your normal routine - but the daily routine of searching for clean water continued in Haiti.   Now that you are back in your normal pace, don't forget those who need our help just to survive.  If we all take advantage of this opportunity, we will move quickly towards our goal of over $650,000 to provide clean water for the 400,000 kids and adults we hope to serve this year!
Make an online donation with option of monthly or quarterly gifts.
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Did You Know....? 
Gourds were so important to the Haitian people that in 1807, President Henri Christophe made them the base of national currency and declared all gourds the property of the state. Today, the Haitian currency is called "gourdes"

No city in Haiti has a functioning sewage system.

Program Updates 
UNICEF Partnership off to a great start
This large program, which started in June, serves existing families in Jolivert, Milot, and Plaine du Nord and adds 13,000 new families in the North and Northwest departments.  To date, we have achieved the following:
  • 71 agents have signed contracts
  • Jolivert agents conducted census of existing families and held community meetings
  • North staff held first round of community meetings
  • Purchased 3 new trail motorbikes
  • Started setting up new production facility in Milot and purchased diesel generator, batteries, and inverter
  • Recruited and hired a new Program Assistant, 2 new Field Supervisors, 3 new drivers and 34 new Gadyen Dlo sales agents
  • 91 community meetings with 2,608 attendees (exceeded projections)
Severn Trent De Nora enables production expansion
Part of the UNICEF project is the establishment of a new chlorine production facility in Milot Haiti.  We are very thankful for Severn Trent De Nora for donating two electrodes, valued at over $4,000 each, which comprise the core equipment needed to produce chlorine.   The donation also helps us raise the required match of $51,000 so that we can leverage the $239,000 UNICEF grant.   Thank you Severn Trent De Nora for your long-term partnership and for saving lives in Haiti!
Thousands of Buckets of Life requested by Partners
Recently one of our local NGO partners ordered 2,500 Bucket of Life systems, with the possibiltiy of another 1,000 if their project is fully funded!  Also, International Child Care just ordered 9,600 bottles of chlorine! 
We often sell our local produced bucket systems and Gadyen Dlo brand chlorine to other nonprofit groups who distribute them to needy families in the areas of Haiti where they are active.   We often provide training in how to properly train families and monitor the Bucket of Life program.   This is part of our sustainability approach and also a great way to reach more families in a shorter time period.
Dashboard Results 
In This Issue
The Buckets are Here!
We are so excited to be launching our new program, Buckets of Life!   At just $34, this is a simple and affordable way for individuals, families, and even groups like classes, scout troops, etc. to help struggling families with water purification systems they need to improve their health.
So start saving those pennies... because it only cost 3 cents a day to provide safe water for a family!!!
Purchase a Bucket of Life NOW and give the gift of clean water!
The impact of clean water?
Their smiles tell it all!

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