Where there is water....there is life!
Christmas Edition:  Focus on Giving
December 2013
Could you live on $1 a day? 
1.1 billion do.   Some not that far away.
(CBS News) Zach Ingrasci and Chris Temple were students of developing economics at Southern California's Claremont McKenna University when they learned that 1.1 billion people worldwide live in extreme poverty, subsisting on just one dollar a day.

Seeking to better understand those grim financial realities, they set off for rural Guatemala to live as farmers on one dollar a day, for 56 days....

67% of rural Haitians live in “extreme poverty”(defined by the U.N. as less than $1 a day) and therefore cannot afford bottled water, even if it were available.   That's why more affordable methods of water purification, like our Buckets of Life, are essential in combatting extreme poverty.
Hand Washing 
Something to Celebrate
Washing your hands may seem like an everyday activity, but it is something to celebrate.  This year, 200 million people in over 100 countries participated in Global Handwashing Day.  This event spotlights the state of handwashing in every part of the world and raises awareness about the benefits of handwashing with soap.  According to www.globalhandwashing.org, “Handwashing with soap is the most effective and inexpensive way to prevent diarrheal and acute respiratory infections, which take the lives of millions of children in developing countries every year.”

Deep Springs is highly aware of these facts, so we participated in Global Handwashing Day in Haiti.  CEO Michael Ritter shared these details:

Deep Springs health promoters pass out educational posters about cholera,
soap and water purifying chlorine.   These kids will become some of the
best health promoters in their communities!

“Our Leogane Field Supervisors conducted activities in an orphanage, four primary schools, and one secondary school.  They estimated that they reached over 460 students in all of the classes they visited.  They made presentations about the importance of washing your hands at critical times and treating water.  They distributed school notebooks with our Gadyen Dlo brand chlorine instruction cards, posters about handwashing, and oral rehydration salts.”

In addition to working with children, supervisors created three handwashing stations in the town of Leogane by setting up a Bucket of Life with soap.  This also provided an opportunity to distribute bottles of our locally produced chlorine as well as soap, oral rehydration salts, and posters about cholera. An estimated 650 people were able to not only wash their hands, but learn how to improve the state of health and hygiene in their country.

Global Handwashing Day was also recognized during the UNC Water and Health Conference, where Michael was in attendance, while supervisors facilitated the activities in Leogane.

Americans wash their hands an average of eight times per day, but in many areas of the world this number is nonexistent.  Proper hygiene is an integral part of Deep Springs’ vision of improving public health.  Campaigns like Global Handwashing Day bring the necessity – and in this case simplicity – of that idea to the forefront.

Do Kids in Haiti Drink Lemonade? 
Or do they just want clean water? 
That is the question that motivated 8 year old Owen Smith when he decided to set up a lemonade stand in his neighborhood and give $7 of his proceeds to Deep Springs!
A few months ago Owen, a 2nd grader at James Cole Elementary in Lafayette Indiana, decided to try his hand as an entrepreneur on National Lemonade Day.   He went into the new venture with his friend Kane.
National Lemonade Day is an annual event that encourages kids to become entrepreneurs and give from their profits to make the world a better place.    Learn more about how kids in your family, school or church can participate in next year's Lemonade Day.
Thanks Owen and Kane for your hard work!  And thank you for thinking about the kids in Haiti.  And the answer to your rhetorical question....most of them just want clean water!
FREE Personalized Puzzle 
MyPersonalPuzzle.com provides gifts for new recurring donors
As our way of saying "Thank You!" for your commitment to the struggling families in Haiti, we are offering this FREE gift to all donors who set up monthly recurring giving between now and Christmas Day.   You will be emailed a coupon code and link to order your personal puzzle from our friends at www.MyPersonalPuzzle.com

The personal puzzle is so easy to order.  Just upload your photo of family or friends, select the size, and order online.  It makes a great gift idea!
Latest from Deep Springs is now 24/7 
"News Reel" on homepage makes it simple to see what's new
Thanks to the addition of our News Reel section on the homepage, you no longer have to wait for the monthly newsletter or flip through pages on the website.   Just bookmark www.DeepSpringsInternational.org and you will see, at a glance, all of the top stories and latest developments in the battle against water-borne diseases.
Did You Know....? 

The Citadel
is a large mountaintop fortress located in northern Haiti. It is the largest fortress in the Western Hemisphere.

Every 20 seconds, a child dies
from a
water-related illness.
New Intern 
Caroline Kimpel takes social media to new level
Caroline Kimpel, a senior at Grove City College in Pennsylvania, joined us in November as our new Social Media Intern.  She is from Columbiana Ohio and is majoring in Communication Studies with a Minor in Entrepreneurship.
In addition to her studies, Caroline works on campus as the Office Manager for Media Services.   This past summer, she completed another internship with The City Mission in Cleveland Ohio, also focusing on social media and communications.
We are very excited to have Caroline join the Deep Springs team in this vital role.  If you have social media ideas you would like to share, please email her at KimpelCN1@gcc.edu

P.S.  If you have not already done so,  like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!
iGive is the charitable way to shop....year-round 
Shop online and avoid the crowds...with iGIVE
iGive is a super easy way to shop and help your favorite causes at the same time.   iGive members can generate donations by shopping at any of 1,200+ stores.  There are no costs, obligations, nor any hidden fees.   iGive is a free service to Deep Springs and to you. It's all automatic and you don't need to enter any codes or notify the store.  Just shop and Deep Springs gets a donation from the retailers. Learn more and sign up.
In This Issue
Stressing about Christmas?

Give a Bucket of Life in honor of that guy or gal who has everything and give the gift of life to a family who really needs it!
At just $34, this is a simple and affordable way to help struggling families with water purification systems they need to improve their health.
3 years' worth of clean water for an entire family only costs 3 cents a day!
Purchase a Bucket of Life NOW as an alternative Christmas gift and give the gift of clean water.  You can send a copy of your gift card and a personal note to the friend or family you are honoring!
More Great Gift Ideas
NEW Deep Springs Team Gear!
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The impact of clean water?
Their smiles tell it all!

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