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NEWS from Haiti
March 2014
Pocket Change 
Kids helping kids....and raising almost $1,000!
Fifteen smiling children and youth from Sharon Community Presbyterian Church in Moon Township, PA collected "Pocket Change" for Deep Springs on Sunday, March 2nd.  The total collection from this special Pocket Change offering yielded $982.46!  

Wayne Schuliger, who spearheaded the project, said he was overwhelmed at the response of the congregation.   The kids had set a goal of just $340... they wanted to collect enough pocket change to provide clean water for ten families for three years.   So it was a huge surprise and blessing that this small group of kids will be helping not 10, but 29 families in Haiti!

Great job Sharon Church!  
If your congregation, school group or civic club would like to do a Pocket Change Project, contact us for more information.
Learn more about Buckets of Life... just $34 for clean water for 3 years!
World Water Day 2014 
United Nations sets March 22nd to focus on water
Things you can do NOW and March 22nd
Staff training mothers at a local Water Day event
Dashboard Results In 
430 lives SAVED thanks to your generosity in 2013! 
Poorest Nation in Western Hemisphere 
Putting poverty in perspective
What does poverty look like?  For those of us who have lived in or traveled to Haiti or other developing countries, we know. But for those of us who have not had this experience, sometimes it is difficult to image because the wealth and government support in developed nations is so high that people we consider poor are actually in a higher income bracket on the global scale.
For instance, according to the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty the average monthly income for a homeless individual in the United States is $348.   But the United Nations definition of "extreme poverty" is income of $1/day or less ($30/month) and "poverty" is income of $2/day or less ($60/month).   So the average homeless American has more than 11 times the income of the extreme poor in developing countries.
Take a look at these eye-opening (and heart-breaking) figures from the United Nations 2012 Human Develoment Report.

Volunteers Wanted 
Check out these opportunities to make a difference
Communications Intern in Haiti:  This is a full-time internship in Haiti for a minimum of four months.   Strong preference for those fluent in French or Haitian Creole.    For more information...

Development Intern in Pittsburgh:  This is a part-time or full-time internship for a minimum of six months.  Strong preference for Pittsburgh native.   For more information...

Newsletter / Website Editor:   Are you a professional designer and want to put your skills to use for Deep Springs?   Send a letter of interest and link to your portfolio to Steve Bostian.

Did You Know....? 

Haiti is one of the few countries where the destruction of the original woodland is almost complete due to competition over scarce land, intense demand for charcoal, unsound agricultural practices, and feral goats which overgraze. This massive deforestation has led to lethal mudslides and flash floods.  A muddy brown ring surrounds the coastline where topsoil has washed into the sea.

In 2011, 768 million people did not use an improved source of drinking-water and 2.5 billion people did not use improved sanitation. (UN Water)
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Only $34 / family
The impact of clean water?
Their smiles tell it all!


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