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May 2014
DSIA Night at Sunsplash 
July 21 | 6pm
Golfland Sunsplash, 893 Taylor Rd, Roseville, CA 95661

DSIA’s 4th  Annual Night at Sunsplash!! This is a much loved night of meeting new people, seeing old friends and enjoying Sunsplash Nighttime Water slides!

Thank you to Susnsplash for their generous discount, we are able to offer tickets at a reduced rate from the usual $19.99

Ticket Prices:
General (ages 3 and UP) 
$13 non-member | $7 DSIA Members
Children’s Admission
$3  non-member | $1 DSIA Members

Tickets must be purchased by Friday July 18th.
Summertime Safety 
While we like to think of summer as a time to be more relaxed and carefree, the opposite can be true if
you have a child who is prone to wander. Relaxed routines, vacations in new places, and visitors from out of town can all make for an exciting and fun time, but it also means parents and caregivers must be extra vigilant in keeping an eye on the kiddos. 

Here are several great tips from the Autism Consortium to keep in mind this summer (and all year long). These 12 Ways to Prevent and Respond to Wandering would be great to share with everyone who will play a part in keeping your kids safe this summer. (As you know, your child with Down syndrome doesn't have to have an autism diagnosis to be a wanderer.)

We are particular fans of the "Tag You're It" system, where everyone is clear on which adult is in "on watch" at any given time. "But I thought YOU were watching him!" is a sentence that you'll never have to hear when you use the "tag" strategy.  
CLICK HERE for more news from NDSC
Step Up 
10th Annual Walk & New 5K Run!

Sunday, November 9
William Land Park, Village Green
(at the corner of Sutterville and Freeport)
Step Up Walk Registration Fees
Adults (ages 12 and over)
  • $10 – Early Bird – register by August 31
Children (ages 11 and under)
  • $6 – Early Bird – register by August 31
Step Up 5K Run Registration Fees
Adults (ages 12 and over)
  • $20 – Early Bird – register by August 31
Children (ages 11 and under)
  • $15 – Early Bird – register by August 31
This is your big chance to give back! DSIA needs your help raising funds to continue our programs and outreach into 2015 and beyond.
Your participation not only increases awareness and celebrates hope, it also ensures that DSIA will be able to continue to provide support, education, resources, and much-needed (and loved!) events to our community.
“The Step Up walk is a blast! We love coming to hang out with our friends and family, and every year we make new friends. The best part… by raising money to support DSIA, I know we’re supporting the Down syndrome community as a whole.” – A Local Mom

Quick Facts
  • Down syndrome is the most commonly occurring genetic condition with an incidence of 1 in 691 births.
  • There are currently over 250,000 individuals living with Down syndrome in the United States.
  • There are approximately 5,000 babies born with Down syndrome each year in the US.
  • Down syndrome is one of the leading clinical causes of cognitive delay in the world
  • Down syndrome is not related to race, nationality, religion or socio-economic status.
  • Individuals with Down syndrome can lead fulfilling lives and be contributing members of society.
CLICK HERE to visit the Step up website.
CLICK HERE to download, print and share the Step Up Flyer.
Meet Sheridan 
For those of you who read Dandelion you might recognize Sheridan because he and his family are on the cover of the current summer issue.
Sheridan loves school, horseback riding, swimming, the park, and 'driving' his Nonna's car. His favorite foods are tacos, pasta, steak, toast, popcorn and anything at Magpie Cafe! He also likes to run, so if he could pick any super power it would be to run really, REALLY fast!
Dandelion magazine began as an annual resource for families with children that have special needs. Quickly evolving to what is now a quarterly publication reaching 50,000 readers throughout Greater Sacramento, it continues to bring families with unique needs a variety of local resources, stories, tips and more!
If you know an inspiring family, or if you would like to see your family in an upcoming issue of Dandelion, please email
To learn more and to read the current issue visit, or look for a free copy at places Sacramento Parent magazine can be found.
CLICK HERE to read more from Sacramento Parent
Aging and Down syndrome 
Mark your calendars for this workshop! You won't want to miss it! 
The Age of Change Workshop – Dr. Dennis McGuire
November 8 |8:30 am – 4:00 pm 
UC Davis MIND Institute | 2825 50th Street | Sacramento, CA 95817
Workshop topics include:
  • Promoting strengths and creative potential in persons with Down Syndrome : Social skills
  • Promoting strengths and creative potential in persons with Down Syndrome : Grooves, visual memory and cues
  • Promoting self esteem and safety
  • Promoting mental wellness and healthy aging
About Dr. Dennis McGuire:
McGuire has more than 30 years of experience in the fields of mental health and developmental disabilities and is the former Director of Psychosocial Services for the Adult Down Syndrome Center of Lutheran General Hospital in suburban Chicago, the largest, most prestigious clinic for adults with Down syndrome in the United States. He helped establish the center, which serves over 4,000 unique adult patients with Down syndrome each year.
  • Registration fee covers a light breakfast and lunch.
  • $35 non-member |$25 DSIA members
  • Registration must be purchased by November 5th
CLICK HERE to download, print and share the flier for this event.
Need a Respite Night?  

On Eagles Wings is a program designed to work with the special needs children in our community, giving them a safe and nurturing place to play and grow. The program not only attends to special needs children, but also to their siblings.
Parents have the opportunity to participate in a FREE respite night every third Friday of the month, 6-9 p.m.
CLICK HERE for more information

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