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Going Forward: DMRF Canada June 2019 E-Newsletter
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Supporting World Class Dystonia Research 
DMRF Canada is pleased and proud the share some of the latest DMRF research news available here.
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#Dystonia Support 
Webinar for Parents of Children with Dystonia.
If you didn’t get a chance to see it, click here.
Chucks Run 2019
Chucks' Run, Walk, and Wheel 2019  
Chucks’ Run, Walk and Wheel for Dystonia was another great success!  Thanks to the support of over 200 walkers, runners, and wheelers, DMRF Canada was able to raise close to $60,000 for dystonia research and support programs. If you participated in this year’s event, click here to see photos and get your official time.
Special thanks to our generous partners:
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September is Dystonia Awareness Month!  
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Dystonia Awareness Month will be here before you know it! It's never too early to get involved. If you'd like to get involved in helping to raise awareness of dystonia in your commuity email: and we will add you to our list of Dystonia Awareness Month Volunteers! 
Click here to read about the successes of Dystonia Awareness Month 2018! 
Are your dystonia symptoms under control?
DMRF Canada is committed to helping you live your best life with dystonia.  The next time you are visiting your movement disorder specialist, look out for the Dystonia Wellness Checklist. This is a short test that asks questions about your well being to identify areas where you may need additional support.
For further information about living well with dystonia and to register this survey online for a chance to win a VISA gift card, visit:
Register Today: The Vancouver Dystonia Symposium is coming up on November, 2nd!  
Join the dystonia community for this free, one day event taking place on November 2, 2019! 
Click here for more details and learn how to register. 
Recent Publication on Physical Therapy and Cervical Dystonia 
A recent study published has identified Physical Therapy as a potential adjunct in patients with cervical dystonia who report suboptimal benefits with BoNT therapy. See the article here 
*Please speak with your doctor before you begin any new form of treatment.
Volunteers Needed for Calgary Casino 
We are looking for volunteers to help staff the DMRF Calgary Casino at
on August 11 and 12, 2019! 
The night shift is the most challenging to recruit for, so if any of you have friends or relatives that want to volunteer for a good cause, we'd be delighted to have them. Remember: Each volunteer contributes the equivalent of $2,000.00 for dystonia research and support programs.
Click here for more information and please contact DMRF Canada at if you are interested in volunteering. Thank you for your support!
Sign Up Today: Global Dystonia Registry 
The DMRF Canada is a proud partner of the Global Dystonia Registry. The goal of the Global Dystonia Registry is to support future dystonia studies, including clinical and research trials, through the collection of data on persons affected by dystonia. 
Although the focal dystonias have many different manifestations, most experts believe they share a common pathogenesis or mechanism that causes the disorder. Collecting information from different patient populations may help us identify the common features that they may share.
Register today - and help to guide future dystonia research! 
Save the Date! DMRF Dystonia & Cannabis Webinar 
DMRF (U.S.) and Danny Bega, MD, Movement Disorder Specialist and Assistant Professor of Neurology with Northwestern Medicine will be hosting this webinar on Wednesday, July 24th, 2019 at 6:00 pm CT. 
The program will discuss the role of cannabis (marijuana) in dystonia and provide participants with the information that they need to make informed decisions in partnership with their doctors about the use of cannabis products.
Click here to register today! 
Mental Health Resources
´╗┐Mental health plays a direct role in our behavior; the way we think, feel and/or act. If you know someone who may be experiencing any of the following symptoms, you can direct them HERE to find help near them.
Upcoming Support Group Meetings
DMRF Canada is proud to connect patients with support groups around the country. Click here to find a group near you.
Toronto Support Group Meeting, August 14th, 2019 
Toronto Support Group Meeting, September 27th, 2019 
Upcoming Events
Calgary Casino, August 11th - 12th, 2019 
Dystonia Awareness Month, September 2019

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